You might assume that this should be an About page, not its own page. I have to disagree. The about tells you about me, Brooke, not what this strange “Silverrose” you hear is.

This is about Silverrose, where it came from, and why it is so integral to my designs.

While I have not been writing as much as I used to, when I was younger I would write all the time. I also had the great joy of getting into D&D and Whitewolf at a very young age, and finding another way to play pretend as such, one that was governed by rules a bit more than the usual arbitrary things of childhood. The very first character I ever created was–wait for it–Nyght Silverrose. Imaginative? Not really. She was an elf, because elves were cool when I was that age, and she was smart, funny, intelligent, beautiful, strong-willed, and everything I wanted to be when I grew up.

Eventually the D&D game with her ended, but I did not abandon her. I just moved her to my stories I tried to write on the epic scope I enjoyed to read. I used to think she was just a Mary Sue, but I’ve long since come to realize she was really just all the best qualities of my mother that I wanted to emulate.

Nyght Silverrose lived on in my writing until today. Sometimes, I get ideas for a story involving her. She lived and developed through other make believe events I shared with my dear friend Josh–a friend of a decade now, there through most of Nyght’s development.

The Silverrose name, however, did not stop at Nyght. Eventually, what was originally just one character spawned into an entire family. Later it became an entire history, a basis for an entire world that I find joy in revisiting in writing. It’s a convoluted, twisted, ever political thing, not so unlike the real world. People create and dream and die in that world as they do here. Maybe one day I’ll be able to write it.

The silverrose is a made up plant, a magical and not so magical rose that grows on thorn bushes that poison even dragons, created from the tears of the god who eventually led to the Silverrose family, and yet one of the most beautiful and sought after blooms in the realm. It’s danger and rarity only highlight the strange beauty of it. Where it lives, it does not stop growing without good reason. Much like the family, or perhaps the family and creativity it spawned are much like it, it grows no matter the conditions from a small single bloom into a mass of twisting thorns and delicate roses.

After all of this, the Silverrose family and plant are my family. Fictional, certainly. But no less a creation for it. And so I bestow the name on my knitting. I don’t want it to necessarily be dangerous stuff I knit (I’d hate for a scarf to strangle the wearer), but I do wish it to be elegant, unique, and beautiful. I want others to look at it and find something in it that they may not have seen before. I want my designs to last, and I want to continue working with them for as many years and more as this ideal in my head as existed.

Sure, I’ve revealed how much of a nerd I am. But hopefully you also have gotten a peek into the ‘why’ of the title. 🙂

Below is the crest of the Silverrose family. It was made for me by Shannon, of Mroo Art. It’s my eventual tattoo, a distillation and embodiment of all that I said above and more. No, I didn’t explain the snakes. Maybe one day I will, and expound on the choice reminiscent of the Staff of Hermes. But all that is important for now is the single rose at the center, the rose this blog is named after, my designs are named after, and an entire world was spawned from.

© Shannon Dybvig, Mroo Art, 2009-2010


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