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Pasta Brooke Style


So I got in a real food mood tonight, so thought I’d show off the basics (and an example) of a Brooke Style pasta.

The gist:
pick some veggies
pick a noodle
get your butter out

Friendly kitchen dinosaur to watch the process is totally optional:

I usually use a wine of some sort to blend in, and also a bit more oil when I don’t want to plow through my butter reserves. (Did I say this recipe is low fat? Ops.)

I start by boiling my noodles. If I’m doing a thick noodle, like linguine, I go ahead and dunk it and let it cook about 4-5 minutes before I start the veggies. If I’m doing cappelini (super thin noodles), I just get the water boiling. Those cook in literally the time it takes you to put it in the water.

In a different pan, you’re going to heat up your butter/oil. This should be pretty high temp, you’re basically sauteeing the veggies. Dump them all in and sautee.

Check your noodles while this is going on. If they get to al dente you want to go ahead and turn the heat off so they don’t cook too much farther. Meanwhile, once the veggies are mostly cooked out (onions caramalized if using, mushrooms lost most liquid), add your wine/stock/spices.

(This $5 marsala is surprisingly delicious)

Then, before all the liquid cooks off, toss in your butta.

You now have a kind of liquidy buttery soup with your veggies. Good. Now, before they get too cooked off again, grab the noodles and just dump them in the pan. All of them. (This is not a recipe for more than 2 people without huge pans) The pasta water is gonna help sticky the sauce and everyone is gonna soak in everyone else.

Stir/swish generously, then remove from heat before anyone starts burning. Usually this step takes 1-2 mins tops.

Plate, salt, and pepper:

(that toast is toast covered in homemade ricotta, balsamic vinegar, Himelayan mineral salt, and pepper. oh. em. gee.)

And that, my friends, is how you make Brooke style pasta.