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Market market market


It feels like all I post is market stuff.

This is because I keep forgetting to take photos of the gloves and stuff I’ve finished.

This week’s loot:

Why yes, those ARE gouda cheese curds you see at the front. So glad you asked. Also bok choi, radishes, eggs (holy shit none broke on the bike home!), 4 lamb sirloins, jalapeno plant, sweet banana pepper plant, kohlrabi, varenyky (I FOUND A UKRAINIAN STALL), and potato and cheese pirogi (I FOUND A UKRAINIAN STALL). Not pictured is the Indian lemonade (made with rosewater it’s so good guys) and pulled bbq chicken from the bbq guys I got bbq sauce from last time. I ate them both. Stuffed. In. My. Face. Or drank, as the case may be.

That, my friends, is my lone ripe strawberry. I’m letting the backside also redden up a little and then I’m going to eat my first HOMEGROWN strawberry of the season. 😀

And, because you haven’t seen these guys in a while:

Neville (the brown hooded one) and Winston (the white one) wanted to know what mummy had brought home. 🙂 Winston still has the sniffles but he’s sounding slightly better. Stewart was having none of it and stayed asleep in his hut. Well, he poked his head out, but I wasn’t really surprised that he had little interest in me dragging stuff in.

Maybe he’ll be interested in the hardboiled egg I give them later.

I have two projects to show you guys, just waiting on Stephen to visit so I can take decent pictures of the man hands sized projects. And get a zipper. So that’s three projects. How’re you?

The Most Edible Time of the Year


That’s right peeps it’s FARMER MARKET SEASON HERE. Yeeees.

Scored me the following lovelies:

We got spring garlic in the back, my favourite type of garlic omg. Spring onions on the side, ground lamb, ginger, lamb jerky, bbq sauce I adore, french breakfast radishes, and spring asparagus. Look how thing it is! Also the pot is basil.

Let’s look up close at that ginger:

Doesn’t it look like a little headless lizard?! It freaks me out. Ginger freaks me out, but it’s so tasty T_T. This is gonna end up in EVERYTHING this week.

Plant update time too.

Strawberry is making me super excited.

That’s the largest and it’s still unripe, but I will savour it when it’s done. There’s a lot of growth on the plant too:

Then we have my pot of french breakfast radishes I just sort of tossed seeds in. I’m having to prune it–but I think I’ve got everybody all ready and spaced properly.

And the Serano peppers just grow sooooo sloooooooooooooooow.

Shucks right?

In any case, I hope you are eating well and eating lots! Also that your plants (if any) are coming along. 🙂



Two new plants have made their way to Chateau Brooke. I picked them up at the farmer’s market with S this weekend.

The first is the anaheim pepper plant, which is quite fun looking. Nothing ripe on it yet, but soon they will start to turn red:

The second is a little more ‘exotic’ and entirely more fun to say.

Pretty Purple Peruvian Peppers, everyone!

That second picture gives a good indication of the variety of colours they go through. See, they start out green, turn deep purple, and then turn red when ripe. They are quite a spicy treat, too, so despite their diminutive size one goes quite a ways in a dish. I finely diced some the other day when I made lamb burgers for S and me.

I’m really pleased with them. In two weeks there is a good chance I will also be buying a peru pepper plant (it is shaped like an acorn, very large, and I would have got it already but S was convinced it looked weird and so told me ‘don’t get that one!’. I thought is judgement was more than ‘it looks funny!’ as I have had them in the past and think they are tasty. Good job S.)

What’s this thing you call a life?


Well, whatever it is, I sort of have one again. Thanks to graduating YESTERDAY (saturday), I suddenly find myself without the awfulness of homework again. It’s quite nice. My new job starts tomorrow (no, I won’t tell you, other than it is related to my area of study from uni), all bright and early.

Since my last real update of stuff I’m working on–namely, the bad iPod photos of Lizette–I haven’t really done too much. I acquired the lovely design book I’d been pining after during Interweave’s big sale, much to my delight, and it’s proving quite useful in understanding more about sweater/vest design that I lack the experience to really know.

(Oh and it’s got beautiful things in it. I like beautiful things.)

I also have the yarn (I know I’m going to spin up another batch, but I want to knit it nooooow *whine* ) to begin knitting up a test version in size medium (36″/91cm bust with planned 2″/5cm ease). I snagged it during a WEBS deal of the day, and I absolutely love it–I wish the red were a bit fierier, but it’s really lovely anyway. (For whatever reason, I see this vest as a deep red in my head)

It’s Ella Rae classic, a smooth worsted weight wool yarn that has enough plies to show off stitches well. Very important. I’ve got the swatch done:

And am quite pleased. I’ll have about 200 yards extra playing room with the amount of yarn I have, which is good in case I messed up my calculations. I am also really happy I managed to reverse engineer the stitch patterns from a few not-quite sharp enough pictures, even if it took several attempts. I’m already writing up a prototype pattern with Scribus, and will be using that prototype pattern to test knit the initial vest. If it goes well, I should be able to expand it for more sizes fairly easily.

I bought myself a bit of graduation yarn. Ok, I didn’t plan on buying yarn, but they had a single ball of Kauni in a colour I didn’t want but Kauni.

I’m sure I can come up with something to do with a giant ball of rainbow.

I also got some Rowan Tweed to pair with it, but found out when I got home I need about 100g more for the pattern.

Absolutely lovely, with some beautiful blue flecks in I thought would complement the rainbow well in the Thistle Shawl (following picture is by entill, and also uses rainbow, thus why I’m showing it instead of the green and white initial):

Alas, I’m not sure what to do with it now. The tweed seems like a lovely excuse to design a set of arm warmers for myself.

In some utter fail on my part, I haven’t finished the Turkish socks from Knitted socks around the World because they won’t fit me OR the intended recipient. Alas! But the one that is done is super pretty:

That’ll teach me not to swatch.

I also spun up a tiny bit of yarn. I have more to go yet (of a similar colour, though the batch is a bit different), but this is what has been set:

For once, the purple actually photographed right. I started this at Mroo’s over spring break, and it’s proven to be a pleasure once I got over the fact I thought it was the wrong fiber when I started. It was more practice for longdraw for the vest. The current stuff being spun is much more even and consistent, which is good–that was the whole point of doing this stuff. I imagine I’ll tackle the vest next; that, or save it for this year’s Tour de Fleece.

Finally, on non-knitting and almost-food front, we have this year’s ‘garden’–a pot with roma tomatoes:

Provided they make it through the week, I’ll be going out to get them some supports soon.

Nothing is in the little pot yet–any suggestions of herbs I should put in? I may also get another smaller pot for a different herb, so suggestions are definitely welcome! I’ve gotten one for cilantro, chives, or basil so far.

Hopefully more blog posts will happen now that I’m not in school all the time! Hope everyone is well, and I’ll try to keep you updated on the design process of the vest. 🙂

Summer Time


With summer here, my knitting time seems to have taken a hit. There’s all sorts of reasoning behind that, like work:

where I spend at least an hour each day shifting books and another for shelving. My hands are usually a bit stiff after all that.

There’s all the absurd cooking I’ve been up to, including unicorn cookies:

chocolate chip cookies

(which are eaten too fast to get a picture of them)

and a crepe cake

coated in confectioned glaze and homemade strawberry compote:

which is just as delicious as it looks.

I’ve managed to finangle a cheap lazy kate together for my ply balls, and it will likely make it easier to chain/navajo ply too:

The plants I planted in various jars and pots are coming up and attempting to grow towards my window

(but i still haven’t got a picture of them for some reason)

I have three videogames on my DS to pass the time

(imagine a shot of Phoenix Wright 2 and 3 with Pokemon Soul Silver, which I totally meant to picture but never got around to)

and so knitting hasn’t had much time, what with the hand cramps and cooking and so forth forever.


I have managed to do this in the past three nights, and it’s the entire reason the pretty pretty yarn is nearly done. I frogged the swatch so I could have that yarn too, and it’s looking quite lovely. I just made it to the repeating section.

And I even have only changed ONE THING, which is how I do the left lean. The original didn’t make a pretty matching line with the right lean, and I played with it till I got those beautiful lines.

And that’s really all for now. I hurt my shoulder, most likely between work and rolling out the dough for lunch pizza (chinese garlic chicken and veggies dumped on a crust of coated in butter and sprinkled with cheese).