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Writing Stuff


Hellooooo blog. I’ll have an update on Tour process tomorrow once I take a few more pictures, but for now, I’d like to drop in and point you to two separate places you can read a story I wrote using the process I described a while back.

You can read it on Fanfiction.net or over at a Silver Words, a LiveJournal I use strictly for posting writing.

I’m going to leave this up for a few days, that way you have time to read it if you are interested. It does have nonhetero relationships in it prominently, drug use, and past abusive relationship mentions. If any of things distress you, I’d recommend not reading it. You do not have to know/have seen the Avengers to get a kick out of it; honestly, I could change the names and you’d never know.

Anyway, I’ll leave it around, and then in a few days I’ll make a post on how I use the writing process I mentioned in order to create the story. 🙂