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Market market market


It feels like all I post is market stuff.

This is because I keep forgetting to take photos of the gloves and stuff I’ve finished.

This week’s loot:

Why yes, those ARE gouda cheese curds you see at the front. So glad you asked. Also bok choi, radishes, eggs (holy shit none broke on the bike home!), 4 lamb sirloins, jalapeno plant, sweet banana pepper plant, kohlrabi, varenyky (I FOUND A UKRAINIAN STALL), and potato and cheese pirogi (I FOUND A UKRAINIAN STALL). Not pictured is the Indian lemonade (made with rosewater it’s so good guys) and pulled bbq chicken from the bbq guys I got bbq sauce from last time. I ate them both. Stuffed. In. My. Face. Or drank, as the case may be.

That, my friends, is my lone ripe strawberry. I’m letting the backside also redden up a little and then I’m going to eat my first HOMEGROWN strawberry of the season. 😀

And, because you haven’t seen these guys in a while:

Neville (the brown hooded one) and Winston (the white one) wanted to know what mummy had brought home. 🙂 Winston still has the sniffles but he’s sounding slightly better. Stewart was having none of it and stayed asleep in his hut. Well, he poked his head out, but I wasn’t really surprised that he had little interest in me dragging stuff in.

Maybe he’ll be interested in the hardboiled egg I give them later.

I have two projects to show you guys, just waiting on Stephen to visit so I can take decent pictures of the man hands sized projects. And get a zipper. So that’s three projects. How’re you?

The Most Edible Time of the Year


That’s right peeps it’s FARMER MARKET SEASON HERE. Yeeees.

Scored me the following lovelies:

We got spring garlic in the back, my favourite type of garlic omg. Spring onions on the side, ground lamb, ginger, lamb jerky, bbq sauce I adore, french breakfast radishes, and spring asparagus. Look how thing it is! Also the pot is basil.

Let’s look up close at that ginger:

Doesn’t it look like a little headless lizard?! It freaks me out. Ginger freaks me out, but it’s so tasty T_T. This is gonna end up in EVERYTHING this week.

Plant update time too.

Strawberry is making me super excited.

That’s the largest and it’s still unripe, but I will savour it when it’s done. There’s a lot of growth on the plant too:

Then we have my pot of french breakfast radishes I just sort of tossed seeds in. I’m having to prune it–but I think I’ve got everybody all ready and spaced properly.

And the Serano peppers just grow sooooo sloooooooooooooooow.

Shucks right?

In any case, I hope you are eating well and eating lots! Also that your plants (if any) are coming along. 🙂

Waterworks Park the 2nd


Since it was a lovely evening, I was at a loss for what to do with myself. K has agreed to lend me his mountain bike for a bit (GLEE! GEARS AGAIN OH JOY) until I can afford to go down the DSM bike collective and pick out one for myself (looking forward to that–I’m planning to donate my cruiser since I can’t stand the lack of gears).

I took the long way, down 35th to Ingersoll, because I feel a lot more comfortable in the road on a bike with gears. It was a pleasant ride down, and I got to the park again with no troubles. I’m starting to figure out where the major trails are in Des Moines, and plan on going to the Rasmussen bike store at some point since it isn’t too far.

I actually ventured further into the park, did a little off-roading (mountain bikes are wonderful like that), was hissed at by geese, and saw numerous other riders out and about. Then I made my way back to a bank on the river I’d seen, stopped and read for a bit, then continued on my way home. I ended up stopping at Dahl’s Cafe for a Coke, which was delicious, and then finally made it the last bit home before it got dark. All in all, and excellent ride. I bet I’ll enjoy it more when there’s a bike that actually fits me. (K’s has a bit farther on the reach than I’m comfortable with, and the seat is silliness, and so on and so forth)

I managed 10.5 miles, which is quite nice after the paltry 2 miles a day I’ve been getting. I’m certainly tuckered out now, though, and I think some more book reading/sleep is in order.