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Why hello there


You’d think I’d forgotten my blog with how long I’ve been away (other than that PSA). Sorry! Just was busy and then drained and then busy.

I ended up not finishing the Tour. With everything going on I got rather burned out, so I have some yarn, and lots waiting to be processed.

But lately I’ve been feeling more human, so here’s a generally update on what’s been happening. Mostly food, actually! Love food.

It all started when I sprung and bought myself a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I got it for fairly cheap (especially compared to the retail price), and I adore it already. Oodles. (It may or may not have to do with being able to make my favourite royal icing at any time without needing to set aside 30 minutes to hand whip egg whites).

Next thing you know, this happened:

Why yes, that is four different types of butter. From left to right–my favourite Irish butter, butter from a local creamery, some organic butter I bought, and a European style butter. Mmmm. Just before this shot I was making croissants(!) so that’s why there’s not as much as there could be.

Speaking of croissants, I’m very pleased that you can take something sludgy like this:

and a bit of flattened and beaten butter like this:

and get something quite as glorious as this:

These croissants came out much better than my last batch! So. Much. Better. They’re fabulous.

Next time I’m going to aim to get even fluffier insides, but this ain’t half bad:

Also made a batch of cookies because why not:

Not pictured are the already eaten chocolate cake and strawberry buckle that I made over the past two weeks.

I’ve actually been knitting too, though just on one project (which I want done by Halloween). The heat laying off a bit here has definitely helped, since it’s (gasp) a blanket (and we all know I don’t knit blankets so shut up).

No, it’s not grey. I have no idea why it photographed grey. I know it must hate me since it did, but that’s about par for course for this particular blanket/yarn, so no big deal. A slightly fuzzy detail of the ring I’m on now:

And another overall shot:

This thing is going to be massive. I’ve only just started ball 3, and I’ve still got a ways to go. Scary, I might get devoured by it. Welp. You’ll know where to find me!

And that’s about all I’ve got for you this evening. Keep knitting, keep cooking, and have fun!


Summer Time


With summer here, my knitting time seems to have taken a hit. There’s all sorts of reasoning behind that, like work:

where I spend at least an hour each day shifting books and another for shelving. My hands are usually a bit stiff after all that.

There’s all the absurd cooking I’ve been up to, including unicorn cookies:

chocolate chip cookies

(which are eaten too fast to get a picture of them)

and a crepe cake

coated in confectioned glaze and homemade strawberry compote:

which is just as delicious as it looks.

I’ve managed to finangle a cheap lazy kate together for my ply balls, and it will likely make it easier to chain/navajo ply too:

The plants I planted in various jars and pots are coming up and attempting to grow towards my window

(but i still haven’t got a picture of them for some reason)

I have three videogames on my DS to pass the time

(imagine a shot of Phoenix Wright 2 and 3 with Pokemon Soul Silver, which I totally meant to picture but never got around to)

and so knitting hasn’t had much time, what with the hand cramps and cooking and so forth forever.


I have managed to do this in the past three nights, and it’s the entire reason the pretty pretty yarn is nearly done. I frogged the swatch so I could have that yarn too, and it’s looking quite lovely. I just made it to the repeating section.

And I even have only changed ONE THING, which is how I do the left lean. The original didn’t make a pretty matching line with the right lean, and I played with it till I got those beautiful lines.

And that’s really all for now. I hurt my shoulder, most likely between work and rolling out the dough for lunch pizza (chinese garlic chicken and veggies dumped on a crust of coated in butter and sprinkled with cheese).