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As this blog enters it’s fourth year (what, already? Holy crap!) I realize it’s gone a few different ways than just knitting. I know that I’ve got readers who caught the blog thanks to my pics and posts on Lolita, and some who enjoy my recipes/cooking.

I’ve always intended this to be a blog for me. It started as a documentation of my knitting, and now it’s become so much more. Lolita, knitting, spinning, fiber prep, cooking, bicycling. The title seems a bit misleading, don’t you think?

In any case, I thought I would ask my readers for feedback. Do you guys mind this madcap assortment of posts, with no knowledge of if I’ll touch on the reason you started to read? Or does that add some excitement to each post?

I’ll be honest–I don’t know if I could stop posting about it all. But I can certainly try to cycle through them more regularly. Or even try to start other blogs. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my new year, and I think I’m almost definitely going to aim for a post on one of my delights a week. Maybe more. I dislike seeing this place stagnate–even though I know I only have a few dedicated readers, I would like to give them something to view more often than once a month.

So what are your thoughts? Even if you usually don’t comment, I’d appreciate a little response anyway–just because you lurk doesn’t make you any less a reader!

Day at the DT Market


I thought it might be neat to share a trip to the downtown farmers market with you all. (Mostly because I have nothing else to post since I have no project monogamy and work is busy and blah blah excuse).

So, today, I took loads of photos with my new portable gps/camera/scrabble device (aka iPhone), and have lots to share with you all!

First up, a sense of scale:


See, lots of people, and this is just on the main thoroughfare (which is less crowded than the side streets get!)

I also went and picked up the flexum peppers and some peach habaneros as well from Kat’s Garden–thus completing my tour de force of her pepper collection. Minus the super stupid hot one, which I don’t know the name of but do know is the hottest pepper in the world.


Aren’t they all so pretty? Mine are kind of peeking out at the bottom of the photo.

There is corn:


Random street players:


No idea who they are.



These guys are really cool. Their called Tropical Steal, and play steel drums. They are very good and it was really cool to hear them play Under the Sea and all the other stuff. Great group.

Dogs. Lots of dogs, though I only took a photo of this one.


Goat cheese


Gouda cheese (I bought some gouda today, aged, because the after taste is so gooooood)


Wines (this is just one of many vineyards that hit up the market)




Coyote Run (the farm most responsible for me starting to go to the market)


Have photos of all my pepper plants now:





Versatile Blogger Award


First order of business, because I’ve put this off for a bit due to work/school. (School is over, but I’ll get to that in a moment)

Stacey over at The Original Yarn Salad gave me an award a few weeks ago, for Versatile Blogger! It’s a pay-it-forward sort of thing, and while I’m not one for these sorts of things, it seems only fair to pass it along. It was quite nice to get it too, as it was a bit of a surprise.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank and link back to blogger who linked you–did link, but thanks again Stacey!

2. 7 things about me

This is a little difficult, as I’m not one given to sharing lots of little details, but here’s some stuff you might not know about me!

  1. I was born in Texas on a military base, delivered by a major. I didn’t grow up in Texas; we moved around, so I spent time in Texas, Germany, and good ol’ North Carolina.
  2. ¬†Through most of highschool, my stepfather got on a big rabbit kick, so I know how to take care of 30 rabbits at a time, and know way more about rabbits than I ever wanted. Yes, we had a singular angora that I got before I knew how to spin–I just liked how fluffy it was. Most of the rabbits were rescue bunnies.
  3. ¬†I have been trained in book repair, and can take apart and put a book back together–as long as it has sewn hymns instead of glued ones. It’s really quite fun and relaxing, if a little time-consuming!
  4. I am crazily, distressingly nervous quite a lot of the time. I worry very easily, and it does bleed into how I think more than a little. It really started happening more frequently after I moved out across the country alone, but knitting and the addition of spinning + designing really calms me down. It’s not crippling, and over the years I’ve gotten much better at handling it and not spazzing out at others.
  5. I like to think I have a very good memory, and I try to do things that help hone and keep my brain working so I don’t forget things. This is more on personal events than it is information, though I’m pretty good at plain facts too. Memory is pretty important to me, since I’m a chronic non-photograph taker of important events.
  6. I have had two confirmed and one possible peritonsillar abscesses in my life, all after coming to college. It’s what happens (sometimes) when tonsillitis progresses–a pocket of pus builds up in the tonsil region and it’s pretty awful and painful. I’ve always had throat issues with my tonsils most of my life, and I think much of it is because I am allergic to penicillin, so I had two meds available when I would invariably get strep throat each year–to the point they weren’t particularly effective when I started getting the abscesses. Now I have no tonsils and my life is much easier on the health front!
  7. I enjoy taking my time when cooking things. I love to cook things that take a long time and a lot of care to get right–I’m more likely to try and make my own stock than to buy a can of it. I feel like there is something to be gained from being willing to not cut corners when making a meal, even if you need to make it in advance and eat it later. I also like knowing exactly where and what I’m putting in my body comes from, and tweaking the flavours for my own taste. I’m not a fan of the whole ‘in and out of the kitchen’ cheats that some of the people on Food Network seem to advocate–cooking should be a labour of love.

3. Other bloggers! Between 5-15. I’ll be sticking to 5, as I think that about stretches how many I know…

Trampled By Geese
She hasn’t been updating lately, which makes a bit sad, but this lovely woman works to find beauty in life beyond the general suffering. She raises pretty ducks, knits, and spins, and sells handspun as well.

The Daily Skein
Cailyn is a really wonderful designer, and I really admire her work and process. She has a few tutorials around, sometimes documents her travels, and there’s always some beautiful knitting to look at. She also toys with going beyond knitting, most recently playing with inkle weaving.

Zamiel’s Knitting Blog
Zamiel is really fun as well, and a fellow goon from Something Awful. She’s sort of new to knitting (1.5 years or so, so maybe that isn’t new anymore? I don’t know!), and the blog is a bit new, but it really looks promising. She’s already done some dyeing and has some pretty projects on view, as well as some thoughts. Keep an eye out!

Moth Heaven
I love this blog. It always full of the sort of quiet elegance that I adore so much, and in so many different facets. Knitting, weaving, and just whatever pretty thing catches the eye. Really worth a look.

Another blog laden with elegance, Catherine covers a world that I’ve always been curious about but am not too familiar with–sewing. The way she works knitting in with sewing, re purposes old cloth, and creates the prettiest things is just breath-taking, and I love the little glimpses of projects we get.

4. Contact the people! Will do shortly.

Nother post incoming with actual UPDATES about what I’ve been up to.

This post has real knitting



See that? I’m plowing through the top part of the front of lizette. I’ve just separated for the neck though you can’t tell it in that photo. I didn’t photo the bottom part of the front but it’s done too.

This has been my panic knitting. The back and bottom part of the front were mostly stockinette and I didn’t need to really keep tabs when doing increases or decreases. Thank you lace knitting–that’s the entire reason that I don’t need to keep a tally when just doing incs or decs.


I also just finished reading A Reader’s Manifesto, which had done more for my desire to start writing again than nearly anything else in recent memory. So much that I have issues with in modern literature is very beautifully critiqued, and with more evidence than I realized existed. There are plenty of examples from critic darlings to prove his point as well.

I suppose in some ways it was difficult for me to articulate while i was in the midst of the whole modem lit movement and study of it. It also is probably why I got so tired so quickly of the pretentiousness I was expected to write and condone when encountering it in other students and faculty.

I’m not saying that the Drake writing program is awful–I’m just not really cut out to deal with that sort of full of selfness that seems to be part and parcel of the pure English or writing major these days in the USA. I think that they just don’t realize why they re in maybe. It’s definitely a self-perpetuating cycle.

That’s enough of my grumbling and pseudo-ranting about American lit. Look at that pretty top part of the front!