This is the knitting, spinning, design, and sometimes other things blog for the IT worker and knitting designer Brooke. I’m twenty-three, love computer science and writing, and perhaps am a bit crazy as well. I divide my time between knitting and all other activities, and sometimes even combines the two. How risque!

I live in the central Iowa area.

You can find me on Ravelry! My designs are here . While I have it set up to follow my blog posts there, they usually lag by about a day since the server can be buggy.

Blog posts are usually linked to twitter shortly after being written. You can follow my account at this handy link. I try not to needlessly tweet about stuff that unrelated to the blog or knitting (that’s a blatant lie now, I talk about the writing process all the time). I sometimes even do single picture updates of things if they aren’t worth a whole blog post!

Feel free to leave some comments and stay a while. 🙂


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  1. Hi,
    I’m knitting your crow print shawl and I have some issues after Row 26. I follow the written instructions (can’t read chart to save my life as yet) and I was wondering if you can help me get past this please.

    After 26 rows, there are 83 stitches (6 x13 repeats; 1 middle stitch, 2 end stitches at each end).

    I go back to Row 1 of pattern which says: k2, *YO,(K13),YO*, k1, repeat from
    * to*, k2.

    If I were to follow exactly as above, the stitches wouldn’t add up.

    So, does Row 1 now become : k2, YO,k13, YO,k13,YO,k13, YO, (K1 -middle stitch),YO, k13,YO,k13, YO, k13, YO, k2. – on the 27th row?

    I think it’s the middle stitch that’s “blocking” my brain from processing the instructions.

    Many thanks in advance for helping me.

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