Why are we snails brother?


This is a thing I did while trying out the new greens I purchased (yes, they are delightfully less blue and more yellow) and the most amazing rich velvety purple-brown (Daniel Smith’s Shadow Violet, which breaks in all the best ways).

Click to enlarge, I guess, though it’s just a crappy cell phone pic. I’m still very pleased with it, I’ve figured out a few more techniques and I have decided that my new favourite brown is ochre yellow blended with purple. I also really love doing snail shells


This is inspired primarily by my art friend Mroo , who loves snails and who has basically caused all sorts of Snail Loki/ Snail Thor (snailbros!) shenanigans to occur. (You should check out her stuff and stuff because she’s awesome)(I know I link her every time I mention her, but really.)

I’ll tour update soon. Promises. (you can not convince me that brown for the dirt is not the best brown, look at the yellows in it and how delicious it is)


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