Tour 2012


It’s getting to be that time again! End of this month, on the 30th, the Tour de Fleece/France kicks off once more. Again with the fleece for me.

This year I’ve got a beauty I just picked up.

I bought a 6lb CVM fleece, and just look at it. It was one of the first things I saw at the festival, and I walked the whole showrooms and everywhere and I just could not get it off my mind. I adore what shade of gray it is, and the spots of black-brown and silver just add to the charm for me. I’m washing it as we speak.

It’s also easily the finest fleece I’ve ever bought, with a delightful crimp and exquisitely soft to the touch. I usually go for the medium breed sheep–I like the longer staple and I like the wool. This one will be a real treat!

I’m aiming for a fine 2-ply lace and some 3-ply sockweight methinks, but I’ll really decide after we get to spinning on the 30th!

I know I usually take oodles of photos of the Sheep and Wool Festival, but not so this year. I forgot my camera, like a chump, and so I really didn’t get hardly any photos at all. Certainly not the end of the world.

In happier news, I suppose I should mention life updates–I still love my ‘new’ job. I say new because I’m now permanent and past my 90 day review, but it certainly feels new! I’m always surprised by how little I dread going in and how much I love working there. It’s a fun fun place.

I’ve also been getting way more into music now that I have some free time. I’m sounding better all the time on my harp, and I recently purchased a tenor ukulele (because the tiny sopranos are too high and too tiny for my tastes).

It’s fun to play around with. Some time in the next few weeks I’m going to look into purchasing a bansuri (a type of flute) to play with as well. Something light and portable I can take to work to while time away during the last hour (I’m the only one there till close).

Knitting wise I stopped 3/4 the way through my handspun sweater and started on lace when the heat hit. I’ve got 23 more rows to go before I finally can get into the edge that even got me started on the shawl!

How’s you guys? Hopefully keeping cool and hydrated and having fun! I’ll plant update sometime soon, my seranos are starting to come in!


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