A little motivation.


So I’ve been knitting but it feels like I’m getting no where fast. I wondered why so I pulled out all my current UFOs I’ve been bouncing between.


We have my Bex socks. I did the first one two years ago and I’ve been working on the second one as my bus project off and on.


Nearly at the heel flap and I know it will zoom along once I get to the foot, what with decreasing the complicated stitch work by half. Then I’ll finally have a lovely pair of socks I’ve wanted for a while now.

Then there’s my Vivian sweater, which I’ve dragged on because I’m worried I don’t have enough yarn. It’s a good computer project so I’ve been doing the sleeves and prepping for the big join in the evenings when I don’t spin.


Its gonna be quite lovely. Then there’s my Christmas vest–the kit was a gift from my friend dangland for Christmas. This one is an off again on again relationship I keep coming back to when I don’t have a knitting project to work on and feel like colourwork.


But I have S’ mitts to finish up do I’ve been working on the second. It’s taking forever thanks to the fact the heat wave put me off knitting them, but now it’s chilly again so I’ve started them. Should have it done soon if I can just buckle down.


And theeeen we have the shawl I’ve designed, second for the year. This is an eventual gift for my mom, if I ever finish it. I still love it, I just sort of forgot about it in the rush to KNIT ALL THE SOCKS. Ahem.



Yeah, I don’t have a problem there. I’ve been really feeling the Estonian lace lately, and contemplating design. It’s not difficult to whip together these shawls, and I like making stuff up. Been thinking about doing more of these and selling them at that lower price point. Worse that happens is I make a buck or two off of it and become a better designer.

Oh, and I mentioned spinning. Nearly done with this yarn for a sweater at last:


Which is quite exciting. It’s all chain plied and is super squooshy. At least I hope I have enough for a sweater, I haven’t had a chance to do yardage yet.

Whew! So there you go guys, that’s what I’ve been up. Also bros:


What have you been doing?


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  1. Brooke this is a great idea. I too should round up all my UFOs so I can assess what should be knit next. It’s hard! I’m working on Kai-Mei – just the leg part right now because it’s a 3×3 rib for 6.5 inches until the heel flap. At some point soon I’ll have to use a chart so then I’ll have to cast on for the other sock as my easy knitting. I have a few inches to go on the cardigan I’m working on before it can be social/TV knitting. Same with sock #2 (out of 4) of my Dan & Stacey Reunion Socks. There’s other stuff too but these are the pressing things I want to get done. So this is my kick in the pants. Thanks!

    • Welcome! Usually I end up having to do this just so I can see what I have and convince myself I really don’t need to cast on yet another pair of socks till I finish what I’ve got. Not to mention some stuff that I’ve got hibernating. (We won’t speak of the red vest)

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