Spring Vines Pattern


It seems like it’s that time of year again. Something about the spring air just gets me in the mood to knit pretty lace shawls, and this year has resulted in a very pretty one. I’ve been done with this and the pattern for quite some time now, but had to sit on it so it wouldn’t spoil the birthday surprise for my friend Stacy aka Yarn Salad.

This is a traditionally knit Estonian lace shawl–including a knit after and sewn on lace edge. It includes instructions for either a 3 repeat wide by 11 deep shawl and a 4 repeat wide and 11 deep shawl, with detailed instructions the edges for both sizes. It is knit flat, and includes instructions on how to do some of the odder stitches you may not be familiar with.

Both written and charted instructions are included, so you can use whichever you prefer. 🙂

You can purchase this pattern for $2.50 USD through Ravelry, which you don’t have to be a member of in order to buy from.


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