I’ve just been spinning away. I’m at about .44 miles of finished yarn (meaning, spun and then plied) for this year. If I was counting the singles in that total you’d want to multiply that by 4. That’s a lotta yarn.

Anyway, I thought I’d share it here:

This is a group shot. I’m actually short one yarn in this photo, since I hadn’t completed it by this point. I’ll try and snag a photo of it and add it to the group here soon.

On the far let we have 2 ounces of this:

I actually have another 2 ounces to spin of it. It’s Scatness, the same yarn I was spinning in the video. Very pretty. Like all the ones in the group photo, it is spun short draw and chain plied.

The second one from the left is :

Downtown! It’s a 100% merino blend. Like the other two yarns in the photo, this is part of a set of 1oz braids I bought a long time ago that I got a whim to spin up. It’s about 96 yards.

Third we have:

Metro(74 yards). I think I like Downtown more, mostly because I like the purples.

Fourth is:

Attraction(89.5 yards). The fifth yarn is the pair to this one.

Anyone have good ideas for what to knit with this yarn? Or want to buy the full set?

In personal spinning with PURPOSE! we have the following group shot:

It’s a multi-toned natural bfl that I bought with the intent to make a sweater. The yarn I’m spinning is a DK/aran weight. The singles get spun long draw, and then chain plied. (I have no idea why I’ve become such a huge chain ply fan) I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming out, and I even sampled before I started to spin the oodles of it.

See? A swatch. This was knit on US4s. I’m really pleased with the fabrics texture and eveness, as well as it’s weight. I think it’ll be a great sweater. I’m debating dyeing it or not, but I have yet to make up my mind. Either way I think this will be a great sweater.

I also took a shot of singles next to finished product:

I have no idea why I like those sorts of photos so much, but I do. Just the big “here’s every stage” photos especially appeal to me. I’m at about 205 yards and 4.8 ounces out of 24. Pretty sure I’ll have more than enough. Maybe a Febuary lady sweater for me? Or an adult BSJ? Or maybe some sort of gansy. Oh the possibilities are endless. If I dye the stuff, maybe I’ll make up a fair isle sweater.

I love spinning.


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