Spinning Along–Short Draw on a Wheel


I was doing a fair bit of spinning because STRESS, and decided I should bother to make another video for you all. It shows off how I prefer to do short-draw on a wheel, and don’t mind my stuffy nose. Sorry bout that, I didn’t realize I sounded so bad until after I watched the video.

The LP (let’s play) I mention can be found over here. The Void is one of my personal favourite video games, and this is a pretty excellent LP of it as well. CannibalK9 did a wonderful job of showcasing and bringing up a lot of points–the game is very thoughtful and thought-provoking (or at least it wants to induce thought and conversation), and after a few playthroughs of my own sometimes I just want to watch it without needing to do so myself.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video!


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