A Fiberrific Update


I bet you didn’t think this was a knitting/spinning blog anymore. I bet so. Well, maybe you did still think that, but you get the idea.

We’re having some wonderful weather here today, 64F/17C at the end of January. No idea what’s been up with this rather pathetic winter, but I don’t mind the opportunity to air out the apartment a bit earlier than March.

In any case, I used it as an excuse to go outside and take a few photos of what I’ve been working on, which I feel like I haven’t really had the time or daylight to do for a while now. I’d rather keep the major details as to why I suddenly have that time to myself until things work out and it’s a past event, so let’s skip over that for now.

First, like I mentioned before, my dad got me the yarn for Vivian. Lookit!

I’m about 20 rows from putting the body on hold and beginning to work on the sleeves.

I’m pretty much in love with how the shaping was put in on this hoodie/cardigan, and how organic it feels. It’s a very soothing and repetitious project despite how complex it looks.

Yup. Definitely in love.

I also picked up this neat point protector when I bought the yarn. It’s incredibly handy to have, and I’m glad I got it. I don’t think I’ll do a large circular needle project without one if I can avoid it now.

I spent a bit of this morning after waking up due to ~~allergies~~ drinking tea and turning the heel on some socks I haven’t touched in months.

It’s Cusp by Cookie A from her book Knit. Sock. Love. I decided that a suitable project for the yarn would be another Cookie A pair of socks, since the first time I used that colourway was for a set of her socks.

Pretty neat pattern, though I can’t wing it like I usually can a pair of socks. And I had to a long heel flap ew.

The colourway is Glacial, and used to be one of the KnitPicks Stroll colours. They discontinued it, much to my great sadness. I bought some off a fellow Raveler for old times sake, and have been trying to figure out a good project for the yarn since. I like the idea of both sets in this colour being Cookie A socks.

Now if I could just get enough to knit all her socks in it! Right?

In other news, I also have been spinning, with intent to probably sell the finished yarn off. Right now I have this pretty worsted/aran weight yarn, 206 yards, chain plied.

It’s very smooth and a little heavy since I spun it worsted, but I quite like it. I’ll probably do a quick swatch to show what it would look like knit.

The fiber was a gift from the ever fabulous Mroo, and is the colour Forest from Wonderland Dyeworks. I quite liked the fiber, though I’m not the biggest merino person anymore. Probably the biggest thing was despite how vibrant the colours are, they did not rub off on me while I was spinning or cause the fiber to be sticky in anyway. AWESOME. A quick glance through their current stock suggests they do some pretty great rich and dark colours, so if that’s your cup of tea, I’d recommend them. Especially those Wonderbundles man.

Pretty much as soon as I finished that off, I began on something else. This is some JW Ray Co that I bought about 2 years ago, a 100% wool.

It’s clearly still in the singles stage–this is what I was spinning in the video I made for last post. Very very lovely fiber, and I’m enjoying spinning it. It’s very soft and not too compacted from the dye process (yes I hate compacted tops why do you ask)

I’m planning on turning it into a chain plied yarn as well, so keep an eye out for that too. This will likely have way more yardage, as I’m spinning it finer than the Forest. I’m finding it pretty pleasurable spinning too–worsted/short draw isn’t bad, just different from what I’m used to.

And on the very handy to have around front, I finally downloaded a knitting app for my phone. If you have an iPhone, I’d recommend it. I didn’t think I was one for counters, but apparently I am! This one just suits me quite well, I think. I do not know the screenshot function on my iPhone, so I just took some ~~fantastic~~ photos with my camera*. It’s Knit, and free too.

Here’s the list of projects page. You can customize what icon or if you want to have a photo for the project.

The main page for the project, where you keep track of rows, stitches, and other goodies.

Some of the settings, which are delightfully handy.

And a peek at the memo page, where I can note alterations so I don’t forget them when I move to the next part!

I’d recommend checking out the page I linked, too, because they have cleaner shots and more info. In any case, a pretty nice app and I’m fairly satisfied with it. The single ad is not obnoxious, and also out of the way of where you would usually be pressing, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally pressing it. Pretty swank.

And that’s that! I don’t think I have much more to say. Tomorrow is ~~interview~~ day, so here’s hoping for the best!!

You may have noticed the mad blog theme overhaul; I also updated the sidebar links and reorganized them slightly. I’m trying to be semi-productive with my time, so don’t be too surprised if there are a few more changes to the blog in the next day or two. Like an update to the categories–non-knitting doesn’t seem particularly useful anymore since I have such a range of topics. Anyway, we’ll see. If there’s something you’d like to see added/changed, let me know now!


*photos may not be fantastic


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