Christmas & Birthday Report


Maybe it’s ugly of me to brag, or something, but I think I really did well this past year for both my birthday and Christmas. I had one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, and I got some awesome swag.

S got me some awesome stuff. We’ve got chocolate from his trip to Abu Dhabi–Patchi and Kinder bars:

You know I’m not a big chocolate person but man I do love me some Kinder chocolate. ❤

Also, due to an in-joke about how my parents got me this crazy stuff and Falcon managed a visit for that weekend, he got me some frankincense. REAL FRANKINCENSE. What. It looks like candied ginger and smells a little like it too:

I got a really adorable and goofy coin purse which I’m actually using for change:

And, one of my favourite things, is this BITCHIN’ mobile that now hangs in my living room:

Yes, that’s a black sheep. If you don’t like this you are either allergic to wool or not a real yarnie. That’s all I’m saying. Oh man, that thing totally surprised me and I love it. 🙂

He’s also directly related to my being able to keep my two new roommates even though I was thinking about not. The first is Joshua:

He’s got adorable white feet and a white belly. He’s large and curious and totally bro. I named him after the werewolf in the North American “Being Human” cause he’s also pretty nervous and spazzy.

His new buddy, who is slightly smaller, is Neville(yes after the Harry Potter character):

Isn’t he cute? Aren’t they both cute? Their large rats, of a species native to England but usually bred in the US for SCIENCE! and stuff. I basically saved these two from lab work–most the other rats at the store were already swept up by snake owners and labs.

They have a swank pad:

Two levels–a hammock, t-tube to crawl in, a house, food, a chew toy, two jingle bell balls. I also have a rolly ball to put them in and harnesses so I can let them out. They seem to be getting on really well so far. So yay!

I pretty much consider them a gift from S since I wasn’t going to keep Joshua originally and was going to take him back (I bought them at separate times).

Then, my dad gave me some peace of mind and the yarn enough to make Vivian :

While my mother gave me peace of mind and these awesome PA headphones/mic:

And, to top it all off, my best friend of 12+ years, Falcon, got to visit me during my birthday weekend. That was pretty awesome, what with us having not hung out in person for over 3 years. That was super great and fun and I was/am very glad I got to see him. We don’t get to hang out nearly enough. And as I’m not one of those picture-takey types, I did the dumb thing and didn’t take a single photo all weekend. Kind of kicking myself now, but it’ll be ok.

And that’s about it. I’ve been knitting on Vivian, need to finish S’s mitts, and have done a little spinning while Falcon was in town and not any since. It wasn’t even spinning on a project that I need to finish! (Anyone remember the alpaca yarns? Yeah) Oh well. I’ll get there. 🙂


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