As this blog enters it’s fourth year (what, already? Holy crap!) I realize it’s gone a few different ways than just knitting. I know that I’ve got readers who caught the blog thanks to my pics and posts on Lolita, and some who enjoy my recipes/cooking.

I’ve always intended this to be a blog for me. It started as a documentation of my knitting, and now it’s become so much more. Lolita, knitting, spinning, fiber prep, cooking, bicycling. The title seems a bit misleading, don’t you think?

In any case, I thought I would ask my readers for feedback. Do you guys mind this madcap assortment of posts, with no knowledge of if I’ll touch on the reason you started to read? Or does that add some excitement to each post?

I’ll be honest–I don’t know if I could stop posting about it all. But I can certainly try to cycle through them more regularly. Or even try to start other blogs. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my new year, and I think I’m almost definitely going to aim for a post on one of my delights a week. Maybe more. I dislike seeing this place stagnate–even though I know I only have a few dedicated readers, I would like to give them something to view more often than once a month.

So what are your thoughts? Even if you usually don’t comment, I’d appreciate a little response anyway–just because you lurk doesn’t make you any less a reader!


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  1. As you are likely already aware, I enjoy pretty much all of your content :3 If you move some of it to other blog locations I will likely follow, but obviously I am content to have it all remain here. I’m probably not the most useful person to have answering, but there you have it ^_^;

  2. I enjoy reading about everything you post! I would prefer for everything to stay in a single blog (selfish, just easier for me to keep track of it!). I like it when blogs are about the whole person, not just segments. Happy New Year

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