Accessorizing the Cute Way


Innocently, she walks into the J.C. Penny, knowing it has a Sephora within it. She’s got a little time to kill since she got off early and is waiting on the next bus to run. She’s pretty excited–she doesn’t get to go to Sephora that often.

She scoffs a little at the ridiculous holiday sale poster already up (though she admits the lady in it has some pretty makeup). She wanders, is approached by a sales rep, and then continues to. She admires the Urban Decay (a personal favourite), and then stumbles upon the sale rack. It’s got these adorable tokidoki purses, clutches, and makeup kit things. She ponders getting the medium sized clutch, not wanting to spend too much. With it and a matching eyeshadow holder, she goes to the front counter.

$11.25. She had thought it would be $25! She rushes back and gets a price check on the adorable purse–the grand total is $24 for EVERYTHING.

This is a true story. V at Sephora made my freaking day and showered me with coupons. I’ll be headed back to grab some hello kitty swag for super cheap. I need more than just a frog purse to accessorize with, and now I’ve got a matching set!

See, around 3pm, we get really dead at work because that’s when the big game for the afternoon starts. Sometimes (a lot) I get off work early. Most the time I just bike straight home, since I rarely get off right when a bus will be headed back. Today, I decided to ride the bus so that I could chill out.

JCPenny is right by the bus stop, so I hit them up because ♥ ~~Sephora~~ ♥ .

Anyway, that story is true, so I’ll stop repeating myself.

The makeup came in the clear bag, which is now a knitting clutch:

(I also may love the heart and cross bones icon lots.)

It’s exactly the right size for small fair isle projects.

The eyeshadow set is pretty nice–I quite like the purple.

It came with a cute devil girl listening to her i-pod (which is probably generic mp3 player but it looks like an ipod), and thus the hole on the pan:

Then we have the slightly larger clutch:

And the big bag itself, which is huge:

And which zips closed so nicely:

Everything feels sturdy and wellmade–minus the plastic see through clutch. The zippers on it are a bitch sketchy, but I think some of that has to do with the fact it is made out of plastic. Besides which, it only cost me $2 too. The handles of the bag are made out of a thick cotton braid, so soft to the touch and not going to snap right away. Good deal, really.

Here’s my almost favourite detail on this purse:

Between the purse and various other things I like, I’ve started to think that the particular type of Lolita I enjoy most is hime dress with sweet/fairy-kei accessories. I really do NOT like sweet or fairy-loli clothing that much, but the sweet/fairy-kei accessories feel like exactly the right layer of cute and over-the-top without making me feel silly. I love me some ridiculous over the top colours and styles.

Now, can I pull off these sorts of accessories with hime coordinates? No idea, at least not yet, but I am sure as hell gonna try 😉

Oh, and you know what puts this purse into the most awesome range?

Angry martini shark.


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