A little spinning will warm you right up


Or at least that seems to be the underlying motivator that gets me to start spinning again. The issue with this is I don’t have the opposite happen in the heat–I don’t get the urge to clean the pounds of fleece that need it so I’ll have stuff to spin in winter.

Alas, my life is so hard, boo-hoo, ect.

Anyway, that results in this:

I have a little under a pound left to wash of Wilbur from ’09, and then I can finally think about what to do with my very first sheep. Wilbur from ’11 will likely be washed soon, or Santa Anna the Shetland. We’ll see, eh? I’ve got a number to wash, and my hankering for a Fair Isle sweater means I may very well clean a few different colours and dye fiber in 1-2 ounce batches for it.

Progress in spinning continues, with the addition of Red Velvet alpaca:

The first two are true to colour, but the third gives you a close up. This one is a little denser than the fawn, so I’ll need to keep that in mind as I spin the next one (probably the antique white or the plain white).

Here’s a side by side with the fawn:

I also wore something that might not be quite lolita (or punk lolita), but which I feel fit into a casual style lolita-inspired outfit. It also features a skirt I never put up here! It’s made out of that fishy fabric I posted, and I’m really please with how the whole outfit came out.

Isn’t it super cute?

And, in sewing land, I’ve not made much progress, but I have 42 6.5″ chiffon strips cut up and ready for turning into my petticoat, with 225 yards of tulle for attaching at edges of each tier for maximum fluffiness. It will also be super comfy so I don’t have to worry about scratchy tulle. I really should begin hemming all those strips, eh?

It was getting dressed I realized that I really should make more just skirts, because it’s nice wearing a more casual style of lolita, and harder to do with a JSK (or at least it feels that way to me). I mean, that’s nice and all, because I love JSKs exactly because they are easily classed up and made classic/hime (my two favourite styles), but it would be nice to have more skirts for days like today, where i’m just slumming around breakfast and the store with a friend.

What have all of you been up to? Hopefully fun and tasty things!


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