Project Dump


What’s going on oh blog that has not been updated in far too long? I really should get on this more often, how do I expect anyone to keep reading when I can’t post? I suppose some of it was a gathering of spectacular fail at photographing some projects, wondering if I should post about sewing projects, and otherwise being a bum.

By which I mean getting a death virus and missing work a bunch.

In any case, this has all lead to some stuff. Let’s see my Halloween costume first, ok?

I was Rarity from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic! I love the new series, and it also gave me a good reason to make another lolita dress.

Thus the crazy cutie mark on my face. I intended to dye my hair purple, but it turned out blue. Oh well. At least I tried.

I did a neat thing of wearing one pair of tights with some other ones on top so my legs wouldn’t freeze and they would mesh together with the costume more. I’m actually pretty irritated with this costume/dress–I need to basically redo the entire bodice/sleeves bit to be happy with it, but you can’t say it wasn’t a learning experience. I also learned I absolutely despise shantung satin, no matter how much better it looks than regular satin. It’s the fabric that keeps on fraying.

I also finished some mitts for S from that pretty Paprika fiber.

The orange octopus is Zeff, a gift from S when I had my tonsils taken out. That was nearly a year ago! Man how time flies.

As S still hasn’t sent me photos of him in his mitts (I forgot to take photos while he was here), have one of the random ones I find on my camera whenever I ask him to help take photos of knitwear:

He always takes a few random photos of himself when I’m not paying attention, which is kind of cute, as it’s always a surprise when I upload a batch after he’s taken them.

I also have no idea if anyone remembers the Andean Chullo I was knitting, but I do! I especially do now that I finally have a hat to show for it!

Isn’t it awesome? It’s a great bike hat, fits very cozily underneath my helmet, and keeps my ears toasty. I made it just in time, too, with the way the weather is cooling off and being gross rainy. I covered it in alpacas:

My only complaint about it is it is slightly tight around my head (because I check my gauge every time I knit something, yes I do, so I totally expected that to happen) (Ok i didn’t shut up). So, in the way of these things, I finally busted out all the natural coloured alpaca fibers to spin them into the two ply yarn that I need for a second one:

Other than the white (which is in the box) and the grayish brown one (second over from the right in the group shot, next to the chocolate brown), all of the alpaca was bought from Roving Acres Farm. They have great alpacas because their fiber is so crazy soft and pretty and cuddly.

You might have noticed I’ve already gone one spun up. The nice thing is, since I only need 50g, and so I mostly only have that much, this stuff spins up to finished in about 2-3 hours. Have some close ups of the fawn:

Yes, it is just as soft and squishy and cuddly as it looks. Apparently sampling and keeping a sample handy is actually useful for a mostly uniform 2-ply. Crazy that.

I’ll try and update more often with progress on the cozy future alpaca hat and spinning progress. Maybe even through a bit more sewing on here, though right now all that time is going into making my crazy 40 yard hem chiffon petticoat.

And it’s NANOWRIMO!! So I’m also doing that. Which really takes up oodles of my time.


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