Lolita Sewing–Dress the First


This is not to say this is the first Lolita item I’ve sewn. If it was, I would not have a petticoat or the mockups or a bustle skirt. What this is is my first proper dress–an outerwear garment as opposed to all the undergarments I’ve made so far. There are errors, and I am well aware of them, so don’t be all ZOMG THAT’S A MISTAKE because I probably know more than you do.

And even with the mistakes, I am super DUPER happy with it. I have my own lolita dress now without having paid much more than the 5 dollars for the fabric (for this dress). I had the satin ribbon already, though I suppose you should add about a dollar for the thread I used. And another for elastic. Anyway.

The dress!!

As the second photo makes really clear, I had a lot of trouble keeping the skirt centered and gathered when sewing the bodice and skirt together. A lot of this is because I only had quilting pins. I’ve since remedied this with a box of 500 safety pins. Not going to have that happen again!!

Instead of using a zipper on the side or buttons or something, I went with a shirred back. I added the ‘sleeves’ last second, and I’m really happy with the touch they add (even if they are wider than I had planned to make them).

Sitting with a petticoat–still getting used to it.

As you may have noticed, I’ve got a wig. The blue and black one is without a doubt my favourite. It fits comfortable, and it cost a bit more but looks more realistic. I did a little trimming of the bangs:

and a lot of people mistook it for my real hair when I went out.

Here’s some more photos of it:

My other wig is a blonde and ice blue Alice wig, which I got cause I liked the colour. It’s not as high quality, and is longer so needs more help. I’m planning on putting some big curls into it, just need to set up and hairspray it with some curlers in.

In the meantime, I picked up some fabric while I was out for my own kimono top + skirt combo. I’m going to do some stuff different, but here are photos of the inspiration behind it:

(these are all taken from Fanplusfriend, but I am hosting them myself)

I like the longer sleeves of the bigger one, as well as the longer skirt. I’m probably going to do a big coat with a sweeping back for the top, and then have a red skirt underneath that will go to mid knee–I don’t like the cutup that the long dress has. The shorter yakuta one I really like, and it might be more suited to what I’m doing stylisticly.

The fabric for it will have “Dancing Cranes” (a keepsake calico) for the main pattern (I bought 8 yards of it):

(second photo is closer to colour)

I’m going to be trimming it in red around the collar and such like:

And possibly also trim/bottom of skirt will be ruffled with this (only 3 yards, so just barely enough for just a skirt if I did that, though I’m pretty set on the main part of the skirt being red)

And for the obi I know it will look like this:

Which is a huge reason I picked out the matching fabrics I did. I really like the business of the blue-black paired with the open space of the cranes and plainess of the red. And I didn’t pick the red out of a hat–it’s an almost perfect match to the tiny bit of red on the cranes’ heads.

Very excited about that project, though it’ll be a while yet. I doubt there will be tons of lace and trim, as I think it might clash a little. I may change my mind, of course, but we’ll see.

As an aside, I have this cute sewing box:

I hate the colour of the trim and handle (PERIWINKLE!!!!) I just fell in love with the way the designs showed up in the fabric, and it was super cheap too.


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