Sock Date


Why yes, I actually do knit! I knit a lot at work, while on the phone or between calls. It’s very soothing, which is very important when someone is screaming at you about how their phone isn’t working and our service is terrible when they’ve unplugged the power to it.

Anyway, the pattern is Sottopassagio, which is super fun to say and type. I loved the pattern when it came out. I am less than impressed with the actual pattern writing (it assumes all knitters will use 2 circs, has my least favourite of toes, and is generally kind of nonflexible with only 3 sizes, which I find stunningly small range for a twist collective pattern). I basically did not like how the designer wrote the pattern, and I’m not planning on getting any more of her things, mostly because I don’t want to deal with her style. (Which is not to say the pattern is bad, or badly written, just ill-suited for me, and totally shuns the double pointed knitter)

Anyway, pictures!

The yarn, on the other hand, more than made up with my minor irritations with the pattern. So much more. Heck, it’s enough to make me save the money to just buy loads of it. It’s from Quince & Co, it’s Tern. It’s a 75% wool/25% silk blend which feels like perfection on the skin, rips back well, and is super warm and cozy. The yarn is well spun, smooth, and very full and round–none of that needing to be on tiny needles because the sock yarn is too thin. The plies are perfect for cables (thus why I chose it) and I want it in every colour now and never want to use another sock yarn ever.

This stuff is perhaps my perfect sock yarn. Jeez, I love it. It’s also an American mill, so yay ‘local’!

I’ll have to get some photos of it in sunlight, the silk sheen is very subtle and I think it looks better in daylight anyway.

I also picked up some more fabric on my way home because it is adorable and will make a super adorable fish. Yes, it’s quilting fabric. Quilters get all the best prints, I’m so jealous (except not, because it’s a great dress fabric):


They are all lined in a shimmery gold and it’s a very elegant fabric. I think it will make a good dress, and am looking forward to working with it. It might look a bit odd as a lolita dress, but it’s my lolita style here, so whatevs. I also picked up some off-white pearl ribbon and black lace to go with it.

Tonight I’m hoping to finish a petticoat and tomorrow will be making my first overskirt! More pictures of my adventures to come.


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