Sew what are you doing?


So I got one of these:


Which makes me quite happy. I’ve always had this huge interest in Lolita style clothing. I think it’s both elegant and work appropriate but I’ve never really had the funds for it.

But sewing is a bit cheaper than a brand dress that would probably be too short for tall me.

I did a bit of old fashioned “from one blog to the next” searching for information and patterns on sewing Lolita clothes. (google does not have a whole lot of good on the first go results, believe me I spent a day doing this nonsense) I got super excited for doing all this. I bought fabrics:



Which amuses me because the prettiest and pretty well suited for the skirts and dresses fabric tends to be quilting cotton. The green fabric feels like some sort of pseudo-suede so not quilting at all, but I really like it and it’s five yards for five bux. The smokey blue is from connecting threads (Knitpicks sister company for quilters) and is going to become a skirt/caplet combo I think.

I also have a lot of ribbon and a little bit of lace trim. I should work on acquiring more, but the biggest thing about this new hobby us trying to keep from breaking the bank.

Anyway, back to adventures in sewing. I took an old sheet I’ve never used (I’m a comforter only type of gal) and cut it up. I used this tutorial that I found via blog trawling (from F Yeah Lolita’s tutorial page ). (I’m trying to document this stuff as much as possible for other want to sew their own lolita clothing future lolita’s out there.)

It has a tiny bit of eyelet lace around the hem and I forgot to hem the ruffles before attaching them and basically it’s full of lots of learning errors BUT here is my very own and very first piece of Lolita clothing (also the first thing I’ve ever sewn on a machine):




My next project is to use some of the left over sheet to make a base skirt for a petticoat with some tulle I have and the other bit (enough for two skirts was left wow I should raid goodwill for sheets ) will become a skirt with pintucks and ribbon and the trim from the sheet left on.

Hopefully I can use what I learned from today and get faster at this!! This bustle skirt took me all day but it was my first project and I feel like I learned a ton. Go me!


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