So I’m probably missing a core demographic of knitters with all the food posts. I’ve given it a fair deal of thought and I don’t really want to start a new blog and come up with a name and so on and so on. I like this blog, and it’s my blog. Since I should have at least one sock to show you soon, and it’s my blog, I think I’m gonna just let myself post about food like I’ve been wanting to instead of coming up with a clever nontaken food blog name.

Anyway, lunch today!

I started off with a grilled cheese sandwich. Italian bread (sliced a slice halfways since they are HUGE), Freesian Farms aged gouda thinly sliced. Butter goes in pan first and then toast. I sprinkle basil and oregano on my sandwich, I quite like it.

I also paired it with a salad. This is the ‘spicy’ blend from Cleverly farms, and I topped it with raw button mushrooms diced, diced onion, and some chevre from the market.

The most important bit is the dressing, or at least, it’s the best to complement the mushrooms. I have a somewhat standard dressing–

Balsamic vinegar from the market, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, grape seed oil, ground black pepper, kosher salt. Shake thoroughly (this teeeeeny 4 oz ramekin is the best thing because it has a lid and is perfect for mixing dressing) and pour on salad.



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