Two new plants have made their way to Chateau Brooke. I picked them up at the farmer’s market with S this weekend.

The first is the anaheim pepper plant, which is quite fun looking. Nothing ripe on it yet, but soon they will start to turn red:

The second is a little more ‘exotic’ and entirely more fun to say.

Pretty Purple Peruvian Peppers, everyone!

That second picture gives a good indication of the variety of colours they go through. See, they start out green, turn deep purple, and then turn red when ripe. They are quite a spicy treat, too, so despite their diminutive size one goes quite a ways in a dish. I finely diced some the other day when I made lamb burgers for S and me.

I’m really pleased with them. In two weeks there is a good chance I will also be buying a peru pepper plant (it is shaped like an acorn, very large, and I would have got it already but S was convinced it looked weird and so told me ‘don’t get that one!’. I thought is judgement was more than ‘it looks funny!’ as I have had them in the past and think they are tasty. Good job S.)


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