Bike bike bike bike


I finally got to take my bike in and get it all fixed up. This has me unimagineably happy. See, for a long time, I did not have a front derailleur. A very long time.

See what’s different now?

Yup! I took my bike down to Boulevard Sports after calling to see if they might be able to put a new one on for me. They did, and they fixed up some damage I didn’t know about on the rear hanger for that derailleur (guess that fall I took earlier this week did more damage than I thought!). Dude who does the fixings is incredible. 🙂

The ride home from the store was the best thing. So nice to have full access to all my gears again! He was right, it’s the best ride that I’ve ever had on this bike.

They also happened to have the exact helment I had been thinking of getting online, but had not purchased because MONEY. Then I went to show S/buy it, and the site didn’t carry the colour anymore! I saw it at the store, so I picked it up. 🙂

Such a pretty helment, and very me, with the green and browns on it. Plus, white, so I don’t have to worry people won’t see me because my helmet is dark.


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