Lizette, belatedly, and spinning


A long time ago, just after I graduated, I finished off my sweater Lizette. I thought of taking photos and never did.

Then S took photos, and I uploaded them and I really did mean to put them up. I had even resized all of them already.

And then I didn’t put them up. But I’ve moved, and felt like I needed a blog post to do something with some of my time. That happens. Life happens. I mean, the Tour meant I was doing photos for SPINNING and why on earth would I post knitting?

Well, anyway, here she be:



Hem detail

Medallion detail

I love this sweater. It’s one of the comfiest things. I love wearing it. I loved the yarn (even though it was a cotton-acrylic blend, and I do not enjoy knitting with pure strains of either). I love the pattern, and I love all the details. I love how the hems were constructed, and how it all fit together.

Oh man. How I love it.

Anyway. Since I moved, I have constant hot water + bath tub == fleece got washed. I started with the nasty nasty bfl-suffolk and washed the rest of it. Then I took a dog flicker, and flicked out the bad parts, then combed it. It might look like I have a lot of pretty rolags done, but I still have well over 3/4 of the fleece I bought left! Oh dear. I’m going to have a mountain of these, aren’t I?

It’s magic the change that this fleece has gone through. When I started, it was the nastiest, muddiest, grossest stuff. We’re talking it was brown–you couldn’t tell it was white. Now look at those rolags. Mmm I love fiber processing.

Oh look, a photo of it pre-cleaning, gross:

And the stuff I started spinning after the tour has hit it’s first bobbin. I’ve dubbed this “S Yarn” since I plan on making S some socks and mitts out of it. Possibly a hat and scarf to match. He’s away in a cold winterdeathland, you see, so I must ensure his warmth. (But no sweaters. We have spoken of the sweater curse and agree we should not invoke its wrath. It’s nice to have a partner that understands the dangers of it)

You may remember some AWFUL photos I took of the yarn. Like these:

I fully admit these photos fail to do justice to the fiber. You’ve probably been wondering why I was so gaga over it all.

Here’s why. Please, sit down if you aren’t already and you love bold reds.

That first photo is admittedly overexposed, but the second shows you everything you need. Damn, is that a nice single. I’m spinning it long draw and as fine as I’m comfortable with. It’s clearly not going to be a vest anymore. The colours remind me of S, who loves reds and bright colours so much.

And that’s what I’ve got fiberwise. I did move, which is exciting–I posted photos of the new place already, before I got all my stuff inside. Now it’s considerably more lived in, but I am not showing off that video to the entirety of the internet!

And, on the cooking front, I have some strawberry jalapeno jam for a home warming kit for S, who thought it sounded incredible. šŸ™‚


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