Tour Update — Beginning of Week 2


We’re to almost one week left of the Tour, and you’d think I’d be spinning way more. I’m a slacker.

At this point, I just want to get a pound done.

Of course, I’m also packing and preparing to move, so I guess that may have something to do with it. In all cases, I had a lovely weekend–S came to town–and I got a bit more done than I expected. We have bobbin 2 of the sweater yarn:

I need to finish combing through what I’ve got in the bag of tools and spin that up–it won’t take long, especially not now that it seems I’ll have my evenings back.

I also went on a wild lark and starting carding. I have no idea what got me to do so, except that it counts towards goal. I don’t even really like carding and never have.

I blended together bamboo, comb scraps, red dyed camel, yellow and white angelina.

All said and done, I had a little over a dozen of these cute little things. As I worked, I could tell that I was going to like them. Then I began to spin. I was undecided–while in process I didn’t know what to do with it. I spun it at 9:1, super low twist–bulky for me–aiming for a singles yarn I could knit with, or someone else with. I was pretty sure someone else would get it.

I’m planning on at least one more bobbin full of this super peaceful yarn to spin, and I think I’ll keep it. I’ve fallen in love with it now that it’s dried and skeined, and it’s surprisingly soft. I keep imagining big bulky fingerless mitts to wear, even though I don’t need them. So far I’ve got 125.7 yards, and hope for about the same with the next bobbin, so I know I won’t run out.

Happy spinning


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