Tour Days 1 – 3 (with some of 4)


The Tour proceeds apace! I am lagging behind, but considering I am packing to move and also working full-time, I’m not actually giving myself a tough time over it.

We’ll start with Day 1–you already saw the sheep I switched to. Now see the yarn that I cleared off of Quincy–which doesn’t count towards my goal, but does count towards me spinning every day. 🙂

It’s a 2-ply light fingering to lace weight–387.8 yards/354.6 meters. It’s some bfl fiber I bought at the ’10 Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival, and ever since I bought it I knew I wanted it to be a lace yarn. This was spun long-draw, plied a little tight, and fulled before being hung up to dry. It’s looking gorgeous, and exactly how I pictured it would in my head. I like when that happens. A really great start to the Tour, if I say so.

I also processed a bit of the New Sheep.

On Day 2, I actually some processing AND spinning done. I spun what I had processed, and processed a teeny bit more. Much of the bobbin was done while watching fireworks–really cool, and I had a few people come up before the show started wanting to know about what I was doing and the like. It was really cool to spin with Quincy in public for the first time. 🙂

I’ve decided to spin short draw, on the 14:1 ratio. It’s actually a pleasure, and the combing that I’m doing for processing makes it even more so. I can spin this stuff in the dark, which is ideal. It’s still a little greasy (as I did not wash prior), but it’s coming along splendidly. I’m aiming to spin enough for a sweater.

On Day 3 there was processing and the tiniest spinning when I found I had a bird’s nest left.

And so far on day 4 all I’ve done is this:

Or rather, pretend that I did that + 5 more because I put the first five I did this morning in a different spot, photographed the five from the afternoon, and then realized I had forgot half. Ops. Shush. I still have a bit of time before my bedtime, so I’m planning on trying to finish my first bobbin of the Tour, wind it into a ball, and label it ‘1’.

How’s everyone else’s Tour going?


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