Tour de Fleece 11 — Day 1 update


Welp, I had a great start.

First, I had to spin and clear of Quincy the wheel so I could spin on him. I have probably about 400 yards of 2-ply fingering to laceweight there, and will take photos of it soon!

I combed two bundles of Wilbur. Looked at my new fleece. Looked at Wilbur. Combed a bundle of new fleece.

I might have switched sheep out of the gate, but at least I know now. Today’s goal is to comb enough I can spin half a bobbin full and get you all some pictures!

The new fleece is an 8 pound Coopworth from Hidden Valley Sheep and Woollen Mill. I adore it. I saw it at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival and knew I had to have it. Close up:

Just look at that! Enough to make my fleece loving heart faint. How could I not bring it home?

And just for scale (not because I totally was laying on it when a friend came in and took a photo of me indulging a particular love of mine):

It’s not even laid fully flat! That thing is HUGE. Look forward to more updates for this year’s Tour de fleece!!


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