Food, then Sheep & Wool


Quick update on the tomato plant, as I just know that I’m going to say next to nothing while I put in all the photos of the sheep and wool festival.

The tomato plants are looking fabulous, and now have a nice cage to grow up against.

They are now 4-5 weeks old, and the rain + sun we get has really got them just a-growin.

Saturday I went to the Iowa sheep and wool festival. Last year, I got lots of things. This year, I only got one thing, but I got 1.5 pounds of it, and I think it’s utterly marvelous.

100% coopworth roving (actual roving, not top) from Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill. Absolutely fantastic stuff. The purple is much deeper and more complex in person. If I hear back from them about a certain fleece, there’s a good chance I’ll also be acquiring that. πŸ™‚

Now, onto the rest of the festival. There was an antique Canadian production wheel:

Lots of wool:

Sheep dog trials:

And sheep:

(this is a shetland i love shetland look how tiny they are eeee)

(this is a longwool leciester, rocking his coat)

I already can’t wait for next year. πŸ™‚


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