These particular pair of socks were started a while back, and they are another of my ‘make for another person’ socks. I am pleased that the materials cost me all of $2, and I had fully intended to make myself socks because of it. (I got the yarn on sale) Instead, I decided to make my good friend Dangland a pair of socks, cause I’d been telling him I would since who knows when.

First, I made a sock without checking gauge and ended up with this:

Remember that one?

Since I was dissatisfied with the attempt, I decided to pick something with purls and no colour work, that would be easy to carry around. Thus, I selected one from Knitted Socks Around the World. The sock is composed entirely of British motifs, and I find this really fitting since the one getting the socks is British. 🙂 The wool is Paton’s, which I love, and which I think he’ll love too. I meant to make something colourful for him, but alas, it did not hapen. Instead, I used a very interesting gray and brown blend.

Enough chat, have pictures.

The ‘showstopper’ on the front (and mirrored on the back) of the leg is the pine tree:

I figure it’ll show up better on him; these are a little too loose for me. Around the ankle, just before the short-row heel (and I love how the heel is done, different from how I learned short row heels, and much neater too):

We have a lovely little lattice thing. And down the top of the foot, more cables, these interspersed with knits and purls:

Not to be missed, the sides of the legs also have some cables, of a more simple nature:

This pattern is amazingly pleasing to work. It’s got enough variation to keep one engaged, but the repition and patterns you can find make it easy to work each section without constant referral to the pattern itself. The short row heel is the best thing ever (really, and I’m not a short row heel person), and once you realize how it works, it’s easy to get rid of the hole at the join (which I did on the second sock).

In Tour prep news, I’ve got nearly a pound washed of Wilbur so far, with another 9 ounces to go before this evening.

Farmer’s market haul this week was also delicious:

with spring garlic and onions and all their delights joining my home. (also a honey stick on top of those two shoulder steaks of lamb. I love lamb, and I’m so glad I had some money for it this week)

I’m meaning to post a recipe for a good farmer’s market based pasta sometime soon, so stay tuned for that. Also, Lizette should be seamed (FINALLY) sometime today, and I’ll get a post up on that lovely sweater as well.


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