What’s this thing you call a life?


Well, whatever it is, I sort of have one again. Thanks to graduating YESTERDAY (saturday), I suddenly find myself without the awfulness of homework again. It’s quite nice. My new job starts tomorrow (no, I won’t tell you, other than it is related to my area of study from uni), all bright and early.

Since my last real update of stuff I’m working on–namely, the bad iPod photos of Lizette–I haven’t really done too much. I acquired the lovely design book I’d been pining after during Interweave’s big sale, much to my delight, and it’s proving quite useful in understanding more about sweater/vest design that I lack the experience to really know.

(Oh and it’s got beautiful things in it. I like beautiful things.)

I also have the yarn (I know I’m going to spin up another batch, but I want to knit it nooooow *whine* ) to begin knitting up a test version in size medium (36″/91cm bust with planned 2″/5cm ease). I snagged it during a WEBS deal of the day, and I absolutely love it–I wish the red were a bit fierier, but it’s really lovely anyway. (For whatever reason, I see this vest as a deep red in my head)

It’s Ella Rae classic, a smooth worsted weight wool yarn that has enough plies to show off stitches well. Very important. I’ve got the swatch done:

And am quite pleased. I’ll have about 200 yards extra playing room with the amount of yarn I have, which is good in case I messed up my calculations. I am also really happy I managed to reverse engineer the stitch patterns from a few not-quite sharp enough pictures, even if it took several attempts. I’m already writing up a prototype pattern with Scribus, and will be using that prototype pattern to test knit the initial vest. If it goes well, I should be able to expand it for more sizes fairly easily.

I bought myself a bit of graduation yarn. Ok, I didn’t plan on buying yarn, but they had a single ball of Kauni in a colour I didn’t want but Kauni.

I’m sure I can come up with something to do with a giant ball of rainbow.

I also got some Rowan Tweed to pair with it, but found out when I got home I need about 100g more for the pattern.

Absolutely lovely, with some beautiful blue flecks in I thought would complement the rainbow well in the Thistle Shawl (following picture is by entill, and also uses rainbow, thus why I’m showing it instead of the green and white initial):

Alas, I’m not sure what to do with it now. The tweed seems like a lovely excuse to design a set of arm warmers for myself.

In some utter fail on my part, I haven’t finished the Turkish socks from Knitted socks around the World because they won’t fit me OR the intended recipient. Alas! But the one that is done is super pretty:

That’ll teach me not to swatch.

I also spun up a tiny bit of yarn. I have more to go yet (of a similar colour, though the batch is a bit different), but this is what has been set:

For once, the purple actually photographed right. I started this at Mroo’s over spring break, and it’s proven to be a pleasure once I got over the fact I thought it was the wrong fiber when I started. It was more practice for longdraw for the vest. The current stuff being spun is much more even and consistent, which is good–that was the whole point of doing this stuff. I imagine I’ll tackle the vest next; that, or save it for this year’s Tour de Fleece.

Finally, on non-knitting and almost-food front, we have this year’s ‘garden’–a pot with roma tomatoes:

Provided they make it through the week, I’ll be going out to get them some supports soon.

Nothing is in the little pot yet–any suggestions of herbs I should put in? I may also get another smaller pot for a different herb, so suggestions are definitely welcome! I’ve gotten one for cilantro, chives, or basil so far.

Hopefully more blog posts will happen now that I’m not in school all the time! Hope everyone is well, and I’ll try to keep you updated on the design process of the vest. 🙂


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  1. I’m glad to see those socks, while they cannot fit the intended person, still look awesome 😀

    You should do more rainbow things, they always look brilliant, really really vibrant

  2. WOOOOT! Congratulations SO MUCH on graduating! Isn’t it rather amazing? It actually makes some of the mundane elements of life a bit interesting rather than stressful again. Of course, “interesting housework” only lasts so long . . . 😉 Seriously, huge congrats, and DO enjoy the new job–and a little more freedom to knit or spin with no homework hanging over your head!

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