This post has real knitting



See that? I’m plowing through the top part of the front of lizette. I’ve just separated for the neck though you can’t tell it in that photo. I didn’t photo the bottom part of the front but it’s done too.

This has been my panic knitting. The back and bottom part of the front were mostly stockinette and I didn’t need to really keep tabs when doing increases or decreases. Thank you lace knitting–that’s the entire reason that I don’t need to keep a tally when just doing incs or decs.


I also just finished reading A Reader’s Manifesto, which had done more for my desire to start writing again than nearly anything else in recent memory. So much that I have issues with in modern literature is very beautifully critiqued, and with more evidence than I realized existed. There are plenty of examples from critic darlings to prove his point as well.

I suppose in some ways it was difficult for me to articulate while i was in the midst of the whole modem lit movement and study of it. It also is probably why I got so tired so quickly of the pretentiousness I was expected to write and condone when encountering it in other students and faculty.

I’m not saying that the Drake writing program is awful–I’m just not really cut out to deal with that sort of full of selfness that seems to be part and parcel of the pure English or writing major these days in the USA. I think that they just don’t realize why they re in maybe. It’s definitely a self-perpetuating cycle.

That’s enough of my grumbling and pseudo-ranting about American lit. Look at that pretty top part of the front!


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