Sockdate–Not quite dead


It’s just quickly approaching the end of the semester–and capstone and graduation and finals. You know how that it, when life just gets incredibly busy?

I’m not entirely stopped knitting though. Firstly, a finished photo of the stripped socks I finished forever ago:


Which is not the best, but now that they are with their proper owner, is the best I’ve got.


And then, another pair of socks for me, the wonderful Senneh sock from Silk Road Socks.

These socks were exactly what I needed right now. The panel is just complex enough to not be quite memorizable, but the three other needles full of 2×2 rib mean that I had some mindless stuff as well. This was, perhaps, the most perfect class sock I’ve ever met.

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for biasing across the top of the foot. I do really like that, even if my left foot sock came out a little less smooth because I kept getting distracted. Oh, there is a distinct left and right foot sock.

That’s definitely a touch I like.

This pattern was a pleasure to knit. Other than one little tiny issue with the decreasing of the gusset (which, for the experienced sock knitter, will not pose a problem, and of which the author has been alerted), this pattern is error free and excellent. If I hadn’t just started a new set of socks I’ve been promising a friend for ages, I’d be looking for another sock in Silk Road Socks to start knitting on.

The yarn is Gaia’s Colours, who has, alas, closed her doors. Knitting these socks reminded me why I loved using it for cables again. Her colour choices have always been stunning, and these socks definitely show that off. I’ll miss her work, but I’m happy that she has moved on to brighter and (potentially) less stressful things.

Yes, I promise, I will have a review of Silk Road Socks soon. The book is simply too much a treasure, and I want more people to know what they’d be getting so that they go buy it!


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