Why not?


Yesterday was a bit of an up and downer. I discovered S (the boyfriend) is not necessarily the most fun person to shop with (which is really no fault of his own, he’s admittedly not much of a go-out sort of person), got a new desk chair, rearranged my living room, helped clean up S’s room because of a friend of his having too much fun,  didn’t get the game that should be here already, and so on and so forth. Not unlike the weather, which was a bit gray and overcast and then suddenly bright and sunshiney in bursts.

On our ride back to his place after discovering about the too much fun thing, I was ranting a little because I was decidedly unimpressed with most of the knitting books at the bookstore. It’s a personal opinion of mine that there is a market for complicated technique books and pattern books for the skilled knitter, and that these sorts of books are not really published. The ones that are I try to snag up, but invariably there’s that “How to Knit and Purl” page.

He asked me why I didn’t try and make or find pattern writers to fill this niche–it’s a market I think exists that isn’t getting met, after all.  It clearly bugs me.  And he pointed out that I sort of do need more to do with my time besides homework and knitting–I tend to get bored and unhappy with both, and have these gaps of distress because I feel a need to accomplish but no real goal I’m willing to strive towards. Developing and designing patterns that I think that a skilled knitter could appreciate isn’t exactly a terrible use of my time–it’s knitting beyond following a pattern too. Even if I don’t like a design, I can photograph it, or save the swatches, and if one day in the future I like them, I can repurpose it and hopefully be a better knit designer.

I can’t really think of why I shouldn’t do it. S is incredibly encouraging about the whole endeavour, because he’s a dear and he thinks that I’m a skilled enough knitter that this would make me happy–to create these things to fill the gaps.  It’s nice to have that sort of faith from someone, and he’s right–it’s not a pressing need, it’s something I can do every now and then, in the spaces. If eventually I get a finished product, I could try to publish it. If not, what have I really lost?

Does anyone else get these sort of ‘bored with everything’ moods? I think my own anxiety and nervousness makes me lock myself into these habits that don’t change, and lets me think I can’t do it.   Sometimes, I don’t think I’m a very brave person, just one who likes to critique a little too much.

I don’t promise you’ll see a zillion designs here; maybe just tiny swatches of ideas.  But trying to focus my energy into something creative doesn’t sound all bad.


P.S. — I’ve unbanished the Pheonix Cardigan. It’s got a cast on and 2 rows on a 2.25mm to start.


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  1. I know what you mean. I find for me when I get into a funk like that, the best thing is to get out of town for a day or an afternoon. Just go somewhere out of the ordinary and get exposed to different things. If you live in a city, it might not even have to be out of town, but do something you don’t normally do. Then you can return to your daily life fresh.

    As for advanced knitting techniques… where are you looking? If you’re looking in big book stores, I am not surprised that there is that learn-to-knit element in every book. But LYSs are really the place where you can find the books you are speaking of. Sure they have the beginner ones, but they usually carry an excellent array of books that can be centered around a particular technique (Estonian lace, entrelac, brioche, Fair Isle, etc.) Do you know what you’re after in terms of patterns? Even if your LYS doesn’t carry the book, they might be able to direct you to the one you need.

    I’m very glad S is encouraging you in your knitterly pursuits. It sure makes a difference when your partner takes you seriously and respects your craft.

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