This post will almost–but not exculsively–be about socks that I’ve finished or am working on at the moment. There’s some nonsock stuff in here, but, well, I’ve mostly been on socks for now.

Firstly, Mroo got her gift–and so I can finally share my finished photos of the Battlestar Galatica Socks! (or as she calls them–BattleSOCK Galatica)

I went with Dream in Colours Starry yarn, primarily because I know Mroo isn’t a fan of the blue and I wanted something that at least pretended to look star like. These socks weren’t necessarily difficult, but they did take forever because they do require you to look at them–and I didn’t actually have the viper pilots down the center memorized until two repeats from the end.

We also have clown car socks!

These are for my boyfriend–his feet really will fit these socks perfectly. He has huge feet. The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet, and I think it’s alright; I’ll see how it wears. It felt like it would wear well while I was knitting it. The colour reminds me of a veggie garden. The good thing about his feet being so big is that the yarn never really pooled ever.

Next is the first half of my handspun socks

This is the Navajo-plied stuff, and it made lovely stripes when I knit it. I’m not expecting the heel or toe to well wear–it was Madelintosh single ply, which has the wear properties of tissue–but I also suspect these will be more house socks. Yes, I’ve worn it a few days already, explaining the fuzz.

Then we have an update on my Nain sock from Silk Road Socks

I definitely should have knit the whole thing on 1.75mms (00s) instead of the 1.5mm I started with. The cuff is almost too tight/small to get over my heel. Live and learn; the match will be knit entirely with the 1.75mm set. So far I still love the pattern, though I wish my yarn would look a bit bette in indoor photography. (I guess I am asking for imaginary great lighting)

Have you noticed how I’m working my way towards ‘not sock’ ? Next is a pair of socks I’m knitting a friend with Knit Picks Felici Sport:

This is the now vanished Stone colourway–I snagged it when they did their clearance sale in preparation for the new colours. This should fit him comfortably, since his foot is only marginally larger than mine and wool is stretchy. I’m tempted to keep them since they’re fitting so well and knit him something out of my blue jacquard print Patons.

Then we have Senneh, the smallest of the sock-in-progresses:

This is another Silk Road Socks sock. I adore the little cable panel that runs down one side of the leg, and then crosses over the top of the foot after the gusset. It’s just complicated enough right now that I can have something interesting after three sections of 2×2 ribbing. The yarn is Gaia’s Colours–she’s closing up shop, and I felt a great need to knit something with her yarn as a result. I’ll miss her wonderful work, but it’s also good she’s taking care of herself.

We come on our journey to the fledgling state of all socks–yarn:

The green is a bit of the natural (multi-hued) BFL that I bought in order to make myself a sweater. I’ve settled on a sweater, and even have a colour idea in mind. This little bit is to see how the yarn would look when dyed and then spun; I don’t think it’s terrible.

The second is just a small batch of some random handspun that I’m spinning to get my hands used to long-draw on the wheel. I need the practice, as both the vest and sweater I plan on spinning for will require the most yardage for my buck. (I am also entirely fond of the halo that forms from long draw). I forsee the vest coming into being sooner–vests won’t be useless when I finally get it done, and on top of that, I would like a slightly thicker yarn. I think once my hands are entirely used to long draw, getting thinner will not be the issue.

Two more quick things, both of the hat variety.

My mother’s birthday present, a hat:

The brim is a thick-n-thin; you may recognize it as the first yarn to come off of Quincy after he arrived. The not-brim (what do you CALL that bit?) is Quince & Co Puffin. It’s a lovely bulky weight single, and I love it, and it has won itself the honour of my new default hat yarn when I go looking for some. Only after knitting the hat did I realize that I used yarn made on QUINCy with yarn from QUINCe & Co. I like that.

The big button is imperative to the design, and made me wish I had a hat like this.

And my chullo. Aren’t the alpaca cute? For a random pick of colours from the stash, I am extraordinarily pleased with my first real foray into colour matching for a garment. I’m basically in the home stretch now, as the smaller bands are very short (6 rounds) and after that is the crown and done. Then I just need an applied I-cord edge, some braids, some pompoms…

Ok, so not the home stretch.

Clearly I’ve been hard at work knitting… just not on one thing. Ops. I’ll get right on that, just after I cast on one more thing.

For those wondering about some objects that haven’t been seen… the fern glad hat is sitting on my coffee table, unfinished. The lace stole I’ve been working on is sitting next to its pattern, untouched. The match to my Snowflake mitts for Mroo is unstarted. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them all. There’s just so much time in the day, and most of mine is going towards being my last semester in university.


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