Round Up


Thanks to everyone who recommended podcasts; I’ve gotten at least one episode of all of them, and am (very) slowly working my way through them. You guys have excellent taste! If you have a suggestion that wasn’t mentioned in the comments on the last post, please, feel free to tell me.

In other news, I have mostly roundup materials today.  I figured I should post a few Sticks N Strings things I forgot, as well as other miscellanies.

Magnet of cute:

Everyone won a door prize in round 1 on Saturday, and mine is this quite pretty book full of lovely stuffed critters:

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll make out of it (these are much more classic and tame than my preferred knitted toy), but it’s a beautiful book, and some of the toys are swank.

The yarn that was dyed and placed in the goody bag was from Dreams In Fiber, as I mentioned. Sadly, I can’t photograph blues in the best of times, let alone poor light, so don’t judge it too harshly:

It’s fingering weight, and I could see it making a lovely pair of Silk Road Socks.

My Bug Snugger fiber arrived that I had asked to be reserved for me, and it’s just as lovely here. It’s slightly lighter and the sheen is super high on this. I am not ashamed to admit that I just sat it on my lap and pet it for a while before I realized I should put it away.

The colourway is Storm, but it reminds me of lunar moths. Which I’ve said a zillion times. It’s 4.1 ounces and 50/50 merino/tencel.

In other fiber news, I got some lovely alpaca and alpaca-merino blends from Roving Acres , adding another four natural colours to my eventual Andean inspired hat.

2 ounces of each, as I don’t see needing much more and that helped keep my costs for being ginormous. I could have bought all the Red Velvet cake though… (the upper left has a very subtle red to the brown, and is amazing and I love it shutup)  Also, I love their business cards, though I’m a dumdum and didn’t look at them until after I did photo day.

And I have a lazy kate!

The rods come out and go inside, and the whole thing folds up for easy travel. The back and front rods are for support and keeping it from bumping the wall, respectively. It made n-plying much easier; in fact, after n-plying on Quincy for a bit, I think I’ve got the hang of it, as I’ve been n-plying on the fly on the newest spindle in the house, and it’s actually pretty fun.  In any case, having the kate means I’m in the midst of performing an experiment to see how n-plying vs. true 3 ply affects final yarn appearance. It also means I can start spinning for my eventual awesome sweater.

And last, but not least, some photos of the swatches for the Perfect Vest that I’m creating the pattern for.

The left one is the second swatch, where I got the diamond looking the way I want. I think it’s kind of obvious my butterfly suffered a critical failure; I’m working on fixing it. Of course, if there is a plain row between each pattern that changes everything, but I suspect not, as the original is fairly complex and doesn’t seem it would shy from such skills.  These swatches are why I’m pretty sure I want a round, soft DK weight yarn for the vest.

Anyway, since I did find my battery charger, I’ll be bringing you another post at some point (next week most likely). Take care all!


(i still haven’t finished a project in so long ggaaaaaahggh)


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