I finally downloaded and installed iTunes, and am basically treating my iPod touch like mine for now. Any suggestions on some good podcasts to put on it? I’ve got these already:

  • This American Life
  • Prairie Home Companion: News from Lake Wobegone
  • CogKNITive podcast
  • Knitmore Girls
  • WNYC’s Radiolab



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  1. Among my favorite knitting podcasts are those you mentioned plus Never Not Knitting, KnitCents, Stitch It, and The Knit Girllls. I’d love you have you try my knitting podcast too! It’s called Clothed In The Lamb.

  2. Some knitting podcasts that I love are “Cast-On” (Welsh but American), “Electric Sheep” (English), “Caithness Craft Collective” (Scottish), “KnitAJourney” (American), “CraftLit” (American), and “NeverNotKnitting” (American).


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