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I will admit I’ve never really been a camera person, which I’m sure is hard to tell from the blog. When I go to an event, I just never think to actually, you know, take the camera with me. I don’t really mind, as I’m there to enjoy everyone’s company, not to point a camera at everything. Photography, despite a brief interest my sophmore year of college, just isn’t for me. (It does make good yarn record keeping) Some people really dig taking pictures and it doesn’t detract from anything for them to take the camera with, so I’ll leave the event photo taking to them.

Have my souvenirs from the event:

Friday night was vendor’s night, and it was quite fun. It was nice to meet more local vendors from around the area, and I was quite happy to at least see what they offered, even if I wasn’t able to buy anything. I was, however, happy to see Hollywood Hills Boutique and pick up a certain box of Vaquero I had bought ages ago before it was in box form.

This is very likely to become a gossamer (or as close as I can get) 2-ply lace with intent to turn into some magnificent lace shawl of huge proportions. At present, it’s either the Queen Susan shawl or the Snow Falling on Cedars shawl.

Janette of Fae Ridge was beyond wonderful, and insisted I take some fiber even though I did not have my checkbook that night; I paid her first thing in the morning. She had several lovely blends from the animals on her farm, and was a brilliant woman. Dozens of spindles, lovely yarns, and fiber. I ended up getting 16 ounces of ‘Paprika.’ (All her blends are limited runs, since once they are gone they are gone, and difficult if not impossible to reproduce).

It was the spun sample she had that really swayed me to it instead of the ‘peacock’ blend. I’m planning on a v-neck vest, a modified form of this beauty:

which I’ve been reverse engineering the pattern for since ordering the is nearly impossible for me (even with google translate). It’s a fun challenge, and I’ve got the diamond pattern where I want it; it’s just the butterfly I’m working out now. The original is in worsted weight, though I’ve been contemplating something in DK, since all my samples have been knit in similar so far.

And, not pictured, I reserved a pretty braid of fiber from Bug Snugger and paid for it Monday. It should be here soon, I do hope.

We also got the goody bags on Friday after signing in, which has now become my default small project and don’t need laptop for class bag.

The spindle is a gift from DiscKnits, who decided spinning was not for her (alas). She also gave me fiber and an ashford spindle; forgot to photograph those! There were three soak sample packets, stitch markers, magnets (not pictured), buttons of a black sheep and one of a white sheep (not pictured), the button on the front of the bag, a notions case (which is quite cute and possibly a future stitch marker repository), a snag picker (the blue thing with the space ship plastic on top)(this thing is the best for colourwork end weaving), a pair of puppy snips (the little blue thing next to the snag picker, scissors with a puppy face, very useful), and two more things. Jeez they got a lot in there!

The blanket everything was photoed on was also in there, with the above cute detail in one corner. It’s the new computer chair blanket.

And a coffee mug:

which comfortably holds three cups of coffee.

I forgot to photograph the Dreams in Fiber yarn we got, which is a lovely blue sock yarn. Not sure what I’ll knit with it yet, but likely another set of socks from Silk Road Socks.

And lest I forget, the cutest m and ms which I’ve nearly eaten all of:

Saturday was bingo–we all went around with our cards and had other people sign them based off what they had done. It was really quite fun, and made it really easy to go up and talk to everyone else for the rest of the weekend. There was, naturally, lots of snacks, knitting, eating, and spinning. I was, by far, not the only spinner, and it almost made me regret not bringing Quincy. As not bringing him means I have not wasted all the fiber from Fae Ridge before I realized how perfect it was for my dream vest, this is good. There were also door prizes of various sorts.

I taught the drop spindle class later in the afternoon, which was wonderfully fun. Everyone seemed like they were enjoying themselves, and it felt very relaxed. There was more than enough time to show everyone how to do things, go around and tweak how they were holding fiber/spindle/ect, and also get them to create a two-ply using the handy-plying method. Everyone had yarn when it was over. 🙂

Then dinner and home again–I had been planning on staying the night with EssJay, but a friend showed up I had not seen and so I went home to drink and party with them and some other mutual friends. Back again in the morning on Sunday!

Sunday was also fairly relaxed. We had a wonderful yoga session in the morning, which really makes me want to go to her session for knitters she’ll be hosting in February. There was a lunch at Wendy’s (and then rushing back when realizing we had stayed a bit too long), and then a final spindle class in the afternoon just before we went home.

I actually felt a bit fibered out by the end of the weekend, and was planning on napping when I got home. It’s part of why it’s taken so long to get back on this; it was all so fun, and it’s over now. So much of this sounds so impersonal, and it’s difficult to really convey all the little moments that made this event truly wonderful.

Seeing what everyone was making was equally inspiring, and then I saw a woman making a chullo hat. One with a pattern that I actually liked. Some inquiries, and I discovered it was an old KnitPicks pattern. I ended up having to call KnitPicks directly (they ran the pattern in 2008), and they sent me a pdf copy–huzzah! Since I really need to test this before I knit it with all that handspun alpaca, clearly this meant digging around my stash of 2-ply fingering weight yarns and coming up with this colourful monstrosity:

I don’t care if you don’t like it, because it’s not for you. It’s for me. And it’s so amazing fun and I think it’s coming out surprisingly pretty considering I’m literally picking colours as I go. All the colours that you see are my final colours for this hat. Don’t worry, the alpaca one will be much more… mute. Natural colours do that. 😛

(No, I haven’t forgot all my other projects. Yes, I will show them to you. Yes, I am still working on Mroo’s gift. Yes, I know I need to finish something so I can update that really pathetic knitmeter in the corner)


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  1. Thanks for a great summary of the weekend. And thank you so much for teaching me how to use the spindle and how to make yarn. They say the third time’s a charm. After two prior attempts, I think I’m ready to tackle this craft.

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