A gift


I attempted to spin some handspun that I would love to use (would wear alright, looks good, and is mostly even). Stuff I wouldn’t be ashamed to sell. I think I did alright.

You may (or may not) remember this fiber that I hand-dyed after reading some posts by That Laurie (Feb 23rd is where the fun starts).

You know, the rainbow sheep intestines that I am calling “Flower Petals.” (it sounds a little more appealing, doesn’t it?) A little over 2 ounces, and I’m happy-ish with how it dyed. The blue didn’t come through enough, yellow is an attention whore that stains blue green in any quantity, ect.

However, it sure did spin up nice.

It spun up so nicely that I think I’ve forgiven Corriedale for all the terrible experiences I had when I was first learning to spin.

Here, I’m too lazy to write all the stats out for the eleventy billionth time:

It is for EssJay, for her generosity and kindness, what with letting me share her room Saturday night at Sticks n Strings this weekend.

Not written on my card is that it was spun from the fold, in a semi-longdraw. Most of it was double-drafted, if I’m honest, which involves long-draw, and then carefully going along the length and taking care of the unevenessness. I had a very good rhythm going at 14 to 1 (what, you thought I’d spin 4 ounces AND ply it in a week on my spindle? Not that I couldn’t, but the wheel is such a lazy maker), with minor adjustments to the brake band as needed. And, unlike my usual methods, this time I decided to full the yarn once done. No plunger, so I just ‘plunged’ it with my hands in hot water, before shocking it in cold, the one more hot water soak. This made a lovely halo.

It’s hovering around DK weight, and I’m really quite pleased with it. It will change from one end of the spectrum to the other when knit with. If I make this sort of yarn again (and I likely will), I’ll probably try to make sure that my blue stays blue and just not involve yellow at all.

Something resembling a look at the past weekend and sticks n strings will be forth-coming, just as soon as I get a bit of sleep.


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