Super Nervous and Excited all at once


Sticks n Strings is this year. I’m super nervous and very excited. (mostly nervous. I do not do well around large crowds, knitters or no, and my ability to worry kicks into overdrive just before such events) (large crowd = more than 10 people) (i know i’m lame shut up)

I have spent some of this energy into deciding on what to take. Tonight, not much; a teeny project, so that I can find a corner and knit in case my ride takes longer with the vendors than me (I will not be buying anything due to current finances, but I am picking a box of Vaquero finally)

But these are what I’m taking during the whole weekend.

Nain, my me socks, which I am past the heel. On realizing that the 1.5mm were really too small, I did some needle management, and now they are on 1.75mm. I still love this pattern, and I still will write wonderful things about the book.

Mroo’s gift, which is late (but her gift for me is late, so this is actually ideal in a confluence of multiple lateitude that rarely happens). It’s about 70% done. If you’re at the retreat, ask, and I shall wow you with it. Well, maybe not, but it is really perfect for her.

(pretend there is a photo here)

My fern glade hat, which looks like I have made no progress on it. I have. I have maybe 2 repeats left before I decrease for the top and I’m done. Then I’ll block it, because right now it’s a frumpy dead leaf.

A stole I cast on this afternoon (what you think one blog post and some hemming about knitting was going to calm me down?), called the Gerda stole. This is so new I haven’t even put it on ravelry yet. I like how the yarn feels and how pretty it’s knitting, but the first place this is going when I’m done is a dye pot. One colour, and you might actually see the pattern that attracted me in the first place. (but this is so pretty and soft, I’ve never knit with mohair before–just the colours bug me)

In the spinning department, I will be bringing a spindle so I can teach the class, but also bringing along my little lace. It’s about 8.5 grams right now; I’ll be moving it when it hits 11. Then I’ll start all over and do the other 11 grams. Then ply time! I’m really curious to see how much I get. If one of my lengths is shorter than the other, it’ll be andean plied, so I don’t waste a drop of this.

As for whether Quincy gets to go out or not, I am undecided. I should continue spinning the bamboo + border yarn, but I’m not really feeling like spinning bamboo lately. I may spin some purple stuff, but really, I’ve been pretty happy working with the lace for now. I suppose we will see.


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