I wasn’t planning on blogging again today


Honest. I was going to show off the BFL for my sweater tomorrow:

And then I was going to ask if I should dye it prior to spinning, or after. I was thinking after, to avoid felting any of this superbly soft fiber before I spun it. The natural colour variations would make for some beautiful and interesting effects on the colours. (I’m still curious as to what you think, but that is not the point of this post)

But now I’m entirely 100% excited by what I just spun, and I have to write out what I did.

I was sampling. I had decided to spin my bamboo, to make a 2-ply that I could use for a very drapey shawl. I was spinning it worsted/short-draw, and was quite pleased. Once I got the rhythm, it was just zoom zoom zoom. I spun .69 ounces of it.

Then I thought a little. One of my favourite things to do, to make fiber go farther, is to ply it with an entirely different single. This way I get about the same mileage out of the fiber as I would have. Usually, this creates quite a pretty effect.

So I got out my bag of border leicester, which has about the same amount weight wise as the bamboo, and got out .52 ounces. I figure bamboo weighs more, and therefore I could get away with less. I spun it worsted as well, and zoomed along. My guess was right; this is how much bamboo was left after plying:

As I was spinning the singles, though, I was a bit doubtful it would actually look good together. Thus, such tiny samples (I have roughly 7.5-8 ounces of each). If I didn’t like it, I was just going to ply the bamboo with itself (which was a not-too-shabby yarn either, based off my ply-back tests).

I quite like it. I like it so much I have to tell you now. I only got one photo due to poor light (and it’s a macro, and I don’t even know how that worked).

It’s sink bathing now, and I’m going to knit a swatch just as soon as I can. Definitely something lacy. Or maybe socks. Something pretty, that’s for sure.

Technical notes for personal remembrance:

  • 14 ratio for both singles
  • bamboo spun tightly, with lower take up (not long-draw low); spun worsted
  • border spun less tightly (just so ply back resembled bamboo’s), high take up in order to keep looser; spun worsted
  • plied with 12.5 ratio, until resembled ply back test ‘average’ for both singles

edit because I’m a dumdum and got my ratios mixed up


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