I pause in my glee and relearning how to do something I felt I was alright at* to introduce you to the newest member of my household.

Quincy is from a long line of nice wheels made in Poland (Kromski), and he’s of the distinguished Sonata from that line (some of his cousins are the Symphony and Prelude, to get an idea for how musically inclined the family is).

He is, as you may note, a double treadle wheel. What is more difficult to see is he is a flyer-led system, with it’s scotch tension. This means his flyer continues rotating when you let the yarn wind on while the bobbin breaks.

He is very gentlemanly, and can hold two bobbins-in-waiting. He’s also quite flexible and folds up quite beautifully to go into his bag.

He’s so charming, in fact, that I really don’t mind when the yarn breaks (it is breaking less now. I’m also now really good at threading through the orifice hook). Indeed, he seems a little apologetic about it.

Quincy came to my home via a birthday, as a gift from my mother (my mother is a very beautiful, clever, and talented woman, and I’m not just saying that because she got me a wheel). I am, if you cannot tell, entirely smitten with him.

The fiber was already picked to be spun first; it’s from Sandy’s Palette, and is called something or another (petunia i believe) and I call it morning glories or iris. After that, I may dig through the stash to see what’s next on the learn from agenda.

I also got a faster flyer with him (because my mother is wonderful), and I’m waiting to try it out until I can keep up with the rather not that fast 12.5:1 ratio. And considering the gift certificate I also got (my mother is super wonderful), I may invest in a lazy kate and one more bobbin.

Thank you Mom.

*You probably don’t understand how hard it currently is to pull myself away. I am entirely grateful that I have the day off.


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