Yarn, Family, & Cats


My mother’s cardigan is DONE. Done on Monday, too, just like she wanted. She loves it:

And I promise we’ll do a photo shoot tomorrow. It came out a bit bigger (the swatch lied, and the entire thing grew lengthwise so much, but not at all widthways. Jerk swatch) that I intended, but she still loves it, and it fits her very nicely.

In the meantime, I knit on gifts some more. Then I got frustrated because one gift was attacked by knitting kninjas*. The other is moving quite speedily, aided by the fact it is in no way, shape, or form even vaguely related to the colour of my mother’s new cardigan. But then I went to Michaels.

I went to Michaels because the other night I had seen a package of Silvalume double pointed needles containing five needles of each of these sizes: 1.5mm (US 000), 1.75mm (US 00), 2mm (US 0), and 2.25mm (US 1). As I actually could use a 1.5mm and only have one set of 1.75mm, I was pretty solid on it anyway, but not entirely. I bought some yarn while I thought about it and came home.

Patons Kroy FX in Cameo Colours

Patons Kroy FX in Clover Colours

I thought a bit more, realized I had totally lost my mind not to leap at such cheap needles that were in sizes I didn’t have but wanted and could get without shipping now. Especially since they work out to a bit less than $3 a set.

(this is because you can’t get good wood needles in these sizes. true story yo)

left to right: 000, 00, 0, 1

My mother offered to buy it for me, which was super nice of her, and she also offered to get me yarn. So I got more balls of Patons Kroy (which may be my new favourite sock yarn, at least in the colour changing group. Not expensive, super cushy (my biggest issue with KnitPicks), and feels like it will take a beating)

Patons Kroy in Denim

Patons Kroy in Summer Moss

Now, you must understand that since I bought the first two balls of Paton on Thursday, all my heart had desired was to cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks for myself. I haven’t knit much for myself for a bit (minus those minutes, which don’t count because I totally needed those). I persevered. I knit on the cardigan. when I finished it, I went back to working on S’ gift. I got about 3/4 through S’ gift.

Well. I was working on his gift. Now I’m four inches into a plain vanilla sock for myself, using the summer moss, and I can’t stop because LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS LOOK HOW IT’S KNITTING ITSELF. (/capslock) I keep being endlessly amused by seeing what colour the next row will be, what the next section will be, and so on. It’s 64 stitches of bliss on the 2mm silvalumes from the set. I’m surprised at how much I like the needles–there seems to be a touch of a coat on them or the Patons has enough grab (not sure which) that the yarn didn’t even try to escape the cast on. Who knows. I like them. The 7″ length is really ideal for my hands, which I never notice because the only 7″ needles I had I sold to someone else (the lantern moons are in a better home now).

I’m sorry S. I promise I’ll have your present done, or mostly done, when I return. Really.

Have a kitty photo:

PS–This totally makes this post the first sock date in months.

*Knitting kninjas attack perfectly harmless works in progress when you’re not paying attention. They carefully rip back and wind the yarn neatly so you’ll never be able to prove it, inserting the needles farther back than when you last worked on the project. No one’s caught these jerks yet. They attacked a project of mine that was nearly 1/2 done, and is now a soul-crushing 24 row repeat and some other rows away.


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