A Year in Knits


This is the first year I’ve ever kept track of what I knit, so I have no idea if I knit more or less. I feel like I knit way more though. According to my KnitMeter, I knit 6.08 miles this year. Seeing as that’s a five minute bike ride, I almost trivialized it.

Then I really thought about that. That’s insane. 6.08 miles of yarn have passed through my hands. That is 9.78 kilometres. 10,700.8 yards, or 32,102 feet and 3 inches. In the course of a single year, I have managed to knit the length from my apartment to my grocery store. Wowza.

Putting it like that, I’m wondering if I can manage 7 miles for 2011. I’m wondering how much I spun (because I did spin a bit). I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t immediately cast on a few more sweaters and cardigans for the new year (I will not).

Some of that total is for incomplete projects, but one’s which I’m aware of exactly how much yarn I’ve used for them. There are a number at my apartment that I haven’t counted, simply because I can’t measure them. My mother’s sweater (and she loves it) is done but for a scarf (which needs to block) and being sewn the rest of the way together:

nevermind that I picked up the wrong number for the buttonband the first time:

It is awfully pretty blocked though, and I’m glad I did. (the colour is more accurate in the above two photos):

I’ve decided on sneak peaks of the two gifts that are getting given after I return. These are done so you can see colour and stuff, but no idea what the projects are. That’s the way it’s meant to be. Heck, I won’t even tell you whose is whose, just throw some photos up:

This one has accurate colour, the most that this yarn has ever photographed.

These are the knits I carry with me, unfinished, into the new year. I don’t really mind. I’m never really done with knitting, and it’s fitting to be one thing that doesn’t wrap up this year.

But I have knitting to thank for making it through a lot of the tougher times. The test knit of yarn that came when I was both miserable and sick. The socks I made for a grandmother while recovering from getting my tonsils out (who would think that’d take so much out of you?). Having knitting as a way to have others I could reach out and relate to when some days just were suck all around, and some weeks stayed that way. This was the year I really used my knitting to make more ties with others, and for that I’m so glad.

Thanks to all of you. Really. You guys are great, and my knitting really is an excuse to hang out with some of you.

Below is a collage of some of the projects I did this year. Some of them aren’t on here–I either forgot photos, or well, it’s a big collage. There’s a lot on there already. This is really a click to embiggen photo right here.

I hope your new year finds you well and happy. I hope you have a good time ringing it in, however you choose to do so, with whomever makes you happiest. If you knit, I hope you have many yards of yarn in your future, and many delightful projects that only cause you a little stress.

((and totally unrelated to all of that:

While my mom took me shopping, I got a paddington bear coat on clearance.

It’s wool and wonderful and if you don’t know who Paddington Bear is, then have a look . My coat happens to be red, but otherwise looks much like it–paddington’s coat even has a hood despite his wearing a hat. Some of the Paddington bears actually do have red coats, too. ))


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  1. Knitting is such a wonderful hobby – I’m glad it brought you closer to others & helped you through those tough times! I can’t wait to see your mom’s sweater all done – it is looking so lovely!

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