Old Projects and Winter Cleaning


I mentioned a few days ago that I had knit my friend Mroo a present. This was pretty much a wing-it-it-can’t-be-that-hard-to-knit blanket. (all pictures of the Cozy are done by Mroo, not me)

The Cozy on a chair

Well, it wasn’t hard, except for that one point where I had 21 balls of yarn hanging off the back. This was my first real encounter with intarsia, and while the design was my own, hoo boy did it give me nightmares. Whatmore, I set an arbitrary deadline on myself, to have it done by the summer solstice.

Cozy Closeup 1

I cast on an arbitrary number of stitches (which ended up being wider than I meant), and only knit in white for a while. Then I began in purple, and continued on. The entire thing is knit with KnitPicks Suri Dream, which is a fantastic and fuzzy yarn. I used the largest needles I have (size 15 I believe), so that was perhaps the only thing that made getting this done in my two week deadline feasible.

Cozy Closeup 2

I was in North Carolina at the time too. I knit this giant alpaca blanket of intarsia everywhere. I had a canvas tote with it in, and I would knit it in the car, outside, walking, in every spare second I had. It was miserable, hot, sticky, and if I hadn’t been swinging the pattern on my own, I’d probably not been able to do it. When you’re improvisizing a pattern, though, you can use stuff like ‘it looks right.’

Cozy Closeup 0

Mroo loves this thing. It keeps her warm (even though it likes to shed). She’s named it the Cozy, capital C, and I know why. It was superbly warm, comfortable, and has a lot of love put into it. In the center, I put some runes that mean various things–intarsia was the only way I knew to do it.

The Cozy with Index Card

It keeps growing, and unfortunately, my cast off edge doesn’t grow with it. (Mroo doesn’t mind. She’s more blown away by the fact it grows. A blanket that grows. Best blanket ever. I don’t know if I can argue with that)

In other news, I spent most of my day after work and delightful Indian buffet (have I mentioned Indian is delicious?) cleaning up. At the end of every semester, my apartment looks like a small disaster zone after all the exams, papers, and final projects. This year, the surgery only aided in that, and I hadn’t had a good clean since the end of spring semester. I busted out all the cleaners and went to town–scrubbed everything, picked up and put everything it’s place, threw out papers and items that needed to go (like face paint I clearly don’t need anymore), and vacuumed.

This is my garbage bags (these are sanitary, really. It’s just paper and yarn bits that migrate to the floor when I’m not looking).

Now my ‘craft table’ doesn’t look terrible. All the fleeces I have can now fit under the table part, I can access the drawer again (the table can fold out), and it generally doesn’t look like a fiber monster about to consume you if you glance at it wrong.

This sort of cleaning always lets me know how much yarn I really have. Since I like to keep yarn around me that is being used for a project, or will be used, or can be used, or just came off a project, I always feel my yarn closet is full, but not too full. Like maybe it can fit a few more balls, a couple more ounces of fiber.

I certainly don’t think that now. I’m actually kind of worried when I open the door that the entire thing will barf on me. While that will be warm, and save on heating, eventually I’ll need to put it back in. Oh dear. (naturally, this means there isn’t any organization system in the closet besides top shelf = fiber, second shelf = dk weight+ and lace, third shelf = fingering weight, fourth shelf = f.o.s, wips in hibernation, and tools, and floor = mats and objects for cleaning fleeces. So I suppose that’s some order, but not the pretty colour coded thing I had prior to today)


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  1. I find cleaning to be so cathartic especially after a really busy time! I don’t even like to look at my yarn stash when I am in the room with it because it scares me!!

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