The Return of the Picture


I have no idea what gave you the idea I’ve been on a Lord of the Rings kick.

As I’ve mentioned before, the holiday knitting is in full swing. At present, I’m working on finishing a commission for someone else, so that they have a gift for their mother. It’s another set of the lovely La Joie de Printemps mittens, this time in Araucania Yarns Itata Solid, Periwinkle, and Malabrigo Sock Indecieta.

I’ll admit that I was actually planning on a lavender instead of periwinkle, but now I’m utterly charmed by these mitts. They aren’t really to my taste, but I find the colours beautiful together nevertheless–they remind me of something fairy tale like, or perhaps a country pond with a delicate layer of ice atop. I’m sure they’re going to make the person who gets these quite happy.

What I’m referring to as Mossy Socks are blocked–the very first socks I’ve ever blocked. I quite like how they ended up looking, an now I’m wondering why I haven’t been blocking all my socks. (Because your feet do it for you, Brooke)

These were knit with my future inability to really focus in mind. I had planned on the entire cuff being made of the broken rib* at the top, but finding myself more coherent than I thought I would be, I added the diamond panels of moss stitch to keep it interesting. I may write a pattern for these, but I’m not entirely sure.

The other grandmother is getting a hat made out of the handspun alpaca from the Tour de Fleece; I learned over the summer that she really likes alpaca, and it seemed perfect. I had intended to make a cowl, but I hate cowls and won’t knit them (even for other people apparently), so instead I looked for something else. I’ve knit the Fern Glade Beret three times now, and I’m still in love with this hat. Hopefully my grandmother will like it too! (Let’s be honest, if she doesn’t, I’m going to want to keep it, because it’s really comfy this go round)

The stash has gotten a bit bigger, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. I’ve been slowly making my way through the Yarn Harlot archives, and I’m really glad I did–I stumbled on these posts by Laurie on space dying for colour changing yarn. It’s all through February, so you’ll need to scroll to the bottom and sort of work your way up–the first is on the 21st, only a third down the page.

Naturally, this instilled the want to try it for myself. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with four ounces of Corriedale, but by golly it sure is fun to look at:

There’s enough for a pair of socks if I wanted it, which I’m not sure I do. It goes from yellow to green to blue to a sort of reddish purple magenta. I clearly needed a stronger/more dye, but for a first attempt in a drugged haze of “let’s give this a go!” I’m pretty happy. I may just spin it up and sell it.

I also took pictures of the rumoured yarn from the Knitting Knook, the yarn store near Milwaukee I visited. It is just as cute and tiny as the picture makes out, filled with yarn everywhere. Loved it. What I really loved was seeing Dream in Colour in person, as I just recently tried a skein and adored it. Two skeins came home with me:

Superhero, which just screams my name. I have no idea why, as I’m not a huge fan of brown, blue, or any of the colours in this yarn. Every time I look at it and hold it, however, I smile, and it really feels like my yarn. This is going to be socks for me, no doubt about it.

And Blossom, which, while it doesn’t scream his name, seems like a very good yarn for S. He’s fond of bright and warm colours, and this is certainly that. I like it too, though not to the same extent as what I got for me.

The final addition to the Brooke home of late are these:

Set of five bronze US00 double pointed needles, hand forged by Celtic Swan. These took several weeks before they were made and arrived at my door, but they are well worth that wait.

The tips are all quite pointy (not Signature sharp, but that is alright at this size!), and each needle feels and looks like a work of art–and also feels durable. I got them because I need a way to step down “one more size” and didn’t have one. There was simply no way I was going to try and rechart all the colour work socks that needed the tiny gauge that I couldn’t achieve at size US0. I was looking around, and my options were these, or some Prym. These have beautiful grooves worked into the center to help keep the stitches from slipping away; Prym’s do not. I went with these.

I don’t regret it.


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  1. Those new needles are stunning – I look forward to seeing them in person some day!

    I too hate cowls but I have knit them for others.

    All of your knitting is so lovely as is your new yarn!

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