I’m home.

It’s quite nice. This isn’t to say the Milwaukee area was not (it was) or that I was mistreated (I wasn’t), but I’m quite glad to be home. I’m very much a creature of habit, I’ll be the first to admit it, and I’m always quite awkward when traveling and staying somewhere not mine for a few days, where I don’t know anyone. To be able to use my favourite blue bowl for ramen, curl up in my large blue chair, and not feel obligated to get unjammied to appear presentable is quite nice.

There will likely be pictures added a bit later tonight, but for now, there’s not anything. The camera batteries are recharging.

I finished off my mawmaw C’s gift (though it felt like it would go on forever with part two). I’m reunited with the yarn for my mother’s gift, but instead of russian joining and sallying on, I’m eating a bit of ramen, and then, just maybe, I’m going to sit and spin. It’s all I’ve wanted to do for the past few days, and I regretted not taking the alpaca I got on the field trip with me.

(I did make yarn store trip while in the area, as S’ mom also knits and knew this lovely little place. I did purchase yarn. One is so utterly perfect for me, and the other is intended for S. Pictures, I promise. This forelorn pictureless blog will soon not be pictureless!)


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