Thanks to those of you who read this blog. I hope you’ve had a lovely Thanksgiving if you’re part of the states, and I hope you had a lovely Thursday otherwise.

Recovery from my tonsillectomy has been coming along pretty alright. My throat is still super sore in the morning, but I found bits and pieces to eat. The boyfriend’s family is taking good care of me, don’t fret.

Christmas knitting continues apace; more of my mother’s is finished, I finished one of the grandmother’s gifts, and the other grandmother’s is well on its way. With any luck, I’ll finish it before we leave to go back to Des Moines.

No pictures to show you, sadly; I didn’t bring my camera, otherwise I’d show off the cat (who is quite pretty if a bit goofy). I could also probably pull off a picture of the (cauterized) part of my throat, which is kind of scary looking. I didn’t realize my tonsils took up so much of the back of my throat.

Tomorrow is a possible trip to visit a yarn store in the area, and more knitting (and more pain killers). Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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